Thursday, October 19, 2017

Give Away

After a blogging mishap, here is my giveaway!

I have not one, not two but three cute little zippered bags to send to three people who leave me a comment.

And please leave your email if you are a 'no reply' so I have a way to contact you if you are chosen!

I'm not sure when this give away will end...are there even three people out there reading this blog? 
I suppose it will end before my next post and when at least three people want to win a bag! 

These cute little bags are great for holding all sorts of things- thread, binding clips, hexagon papers...

Good luck! I know you'll enjoy one of these if you win!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

A gift quilted and finished!

I love finishing a quilt. 
I have been busy quilting a Christmas quilt that will be a gift. 
I lived with the quilt on my sewing room floor for more than a week before I finally decided how to quilt it. I wanted to do something curvy but in the end the quilt wanted a simple straight line grid.  

I love how it turned out.The quilt knew what it wanted.
 I was the one who resisted! 

The recipient will love it. It is about 72"square.
I had three leftover blocks and some of the green as well so I will make a small table runner.

And my poor machine quilting gloves sprung a hole. 
I have had these gloves a LONG time - more that 10 years so I got good use out of them. 

Here is my progress on my summer stars mini challenge. I have a small paper pieced border to add that I hope will tone down the sashing a bit! This is certainly out of my usual color zone!

Happy Stitching! 

My next post will be Number 250! So to celebrate I'll be having a fun giveaway and I'll be talking about my 2018 'quilty' challenge that I am giving myself! 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ugly Duckling and a mini

My ugly duckling has turned into a me at least!

It's been bound, and washed and tested. 
It is soft and cuddly and it will be perfect for fall and winter naps.

And I started a new mini. My local quilt guild has a summer challenge to make a mini and technically I got it started while summer was still here. 

Here is my sample block - it's finished size is 2-1/4". It's so cute! 

After I made the sample I changed one fabric and started cutting and sewing.

And I joined the International Miniature Quilt Exchange on the Quilt If anyone out there is interested in participating you can read more about it at The Quilt Show

Happy Stitching! 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Round and around and around...

I've been interested in trying some spiral quilting with the walking foot. I have a stack of quilts (is 4 quilts a stack?) basted and ready for machine quilting so here goes one! I am trying it out on my ugly squares quilt that will become my napping quilt this fall! Here is the far so good.

Since it is so scrappy I decided to use up leftover machine quilting thread from previous projects. Here is the first one. It lasted a long time. There was more on the spool than I imagined.

This is the beginning of day 2 quilting a BIG spiral!

And thread number two.

And thread number three.

And what was left when I was finished the morning of day 3! 

Here is just the middle area of the quilt after it was quilted. It was a slow process but I am thrilled with the results! Would I do it again? YES! YES! YES!
What did I learn? 
 Go slow- you need to keep shifting your quilt around frequently. 
Take frequent breaks - you'll become mesmerized by the quilting and you'll start to drift from your path. 
Start small - this quilt is 72" square - a big one to start with but still very doable!

Now I just need to get binding on it. 
I can't wait to get it washed and ready for a nap!

And I have another UFO on the go. I have each row done so now I just have to sew those together. And you can't really see that first column as it is covered with sticky notes so I know what the row is. 

I can't wait to get this done! But first I want to get another quilt quilted. Three to go! 

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Summer Butterflies, UFO's and Gifts!

It's been a busy few weeks! I was away for a short holiday and I had a guest in my sewing room for a few days! That means not too much time for sewing. I have begun some gift making already so those things remain secret for now. 

Before going away I managed to get my butterflies all together and basted. I LOVE the colors! They are certainly not my usual colors but I think they suit the theme! One of these quilts will be for me and the other will be a gift!

I started big stitching the first one with a ecru perle cotton. For the second one I will look for something in a light variegated color - maybe a Sulky 12wt. 
I haven't gotten far on it so I guess this will be for next summer.  

I always have a pile of leftover charm squares but these really do not blend with my existing pile so I am going to make a 'slab' with the leftovers and then make that into a couple of Sweetpea Pods.

I also got my next border pinned and not a stitch sewn yet...

I've been in gift mode so I pulled these gold and silver prints for a special Christmas gift.

While I was putting my sewing room back together after my guest left, I sorted through my UFO's. How could it be that I have more...not less...arrrrr! I am pinning the list to my bulletin board and will try my hardest to not start anything new until I have made some progress.

While on the plane heading to Montreal for my holiday, my Kindle decided it's battery was going to act up and died after being fully charged the night before (I thought it was a goner for sure but it seems to be working again). 

I needed a book for the trip so I picked up this at the airport bookstore in Toronto during our layover. It was inspiring but does NOT encourage me to finish my UFO list unless that is the challenge! It wants me to start something new...something challenging...something maybe a little crazy...

For the last few years I have been completely intrigued by the many '365' quilty challenges...circles, stars, sampler blocks and even non quilty challenges...such as a photo a day. There have been so many daily challenges and even weekly challenges that are inspiring. 

I think next year will be the year that I challenge myself but do I have what it takes to commit? 
That is the biggest question of all!
Does anyone else have the urge but doesn't want to be left with a big project you might not finish?

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer Cleaning

Summer has been hot and dry here and there has not been much sewing going on. Our air conditioning is not working and until the part we need arrives that means most days there is NO way I have been wanting to turn on an iron.

I've basted 3 more quilts so that is 4 quilts that need machine quilting. Another case of there being NO way I'm going to sit with a warm quilt on top of me. And a reminder to not get such a backlog of quilts to finish ever again. It seems a bit overwhelming!

I finished another round on my hexagons. The next section I'll be starting is a row of neutral, then color (blue for this round) and then neutral again. The rounds just keep getting bigger but this is still pretty small. It is just 16" across! 

I arranged my courthouse steps blocks on my design wall. Here are all the rows organized to sew together! It took a bit of rearranging but I finally got it to a point where it had the look I was wanting. I can't wait for a cooler day so I can turn on my iron!

I made this tote bag and gave it away to a friend! I know she will enjoy it. 
It turned out wonderful! 

And I had picked up this cute little butterfly pattern thinking it would be sweet wall hanging on my condo door. Again it was the case of I can't on my iron because it is so hot but I got into my sewing room really early in the morning one day last week and got them fused. 

I buttonhole stitched all around and all that is left is the cute little antenna's! 
This is a great project for a charm pack! 
There are enough butterflies for two little quilts! I wonder who will get the second one?

I hope I actually get it done while summer is still here. Fall is showing up everywhere in the stores reminding me that it is not far away!

And I've also been slowly stitching away on my applique quilt. I am almost finished the second border. As I've been stitching I've been planning a bit of embroidery to add to it, and maybe a bit of beading as well. I'll get a photo next time to show!

Happy Stitching!  

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Paper piecing leap of faith!

150 courthouse steps blocks are done! Whew! Here is the last of them.

I'm trying this new product from Quilters Select. It says you don't have to remove the sheets and they will soften when washed. Did I try a test sample? No! I'm having a leap of faith. These blocks are so small that it will only be a wall hanging a bit less than 30" x 45" so I am not concerned with the 'cuddle' factor! 

After completing these last blocks I decided I had better baste down the edges before trimming. I used a water soluble thread because once I start piecing the blocks together I may want to remove some of the outer edge of the backing paper that is in the seam allowance. Water soluble thread will be so easy to remove!

Here is a block all basted and trimmed! 

And here are many blocks trimmed.

Next step is to get my portable design wall out and start arranging.

I am loving this! 

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, June 24, 2017


I've been busy but have managed to squeeze in some sewing and prepping!

Here is part of my next border pinned down on my whimsical flowers quilt! 
It has me I do embroidery? Do I add texture with big stitching and perle cotton? Do I add beads? Too many decisions! 

And another 10 courthouse steps blocks have been sewn!

 I took a bit of time to pin up the groups of blocks so that I could see what colors I need more of. I still have about 50 blocks to go!

I finished off a punch needle project. The pattern was from the Spring 2012 Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine. It still needs to be antiqued and framed but I am undecided about the antiquing - Do I do a little? A lot? None? 

Finally I filled my case for making my little hexagons.

 I'm just cutting little squares. 

And then when I baste I just trim the corners off.

It's a pretty easy way to do it. 

Now I have enough to get my next round done - 24 little flowers all around! 

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Another round of hexagons!

I was at my dad's house again this week for a few days so out came the hexagons! 

This round was actually 3 rows of hexagons (neutral, green and neutral) that I sewed together and added to each side. I didn't take a picture but I will next time. The next round will be all flowers! 

And this trip I took my applique quilt. I finished one border this week.

I will have a few more pieces such as leaves to fill in the borders later. I plan to do some embroidery as well and thought I should add more applique to the border once I have figured out the embroidery. I am going for a whimsical look. So if it works out there will be embroidery and maybe some beading. The quilt will be big stitched in a variety of colors! 
I can't wait to get started on the embellishing but first I had better get the appliques done!  

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

New Hexagon Project

I am at my Dad's quite often for a night or two at a time. It is nice to have some kind of handwork to do while I am visiting.  
I decided to start another hexagon project! 
This one is using 3/8" hexagons.

I am replicating the design of an antique quilt I saw on Pinterest. 
It is from a collection of quilts at the Wales National Museum  
Click on the name to see other pieces in their collection!

couverture de table de Patchwork:

Isn't it fabulous!!! Definitely a long term project!

And my tuffet is in use. 

I love it so much that I am planning the second one. I might try it in leather or wool from old men's jackets. Time to start looking at the thrift stores to see what I can find. The foam I used in this one was very dense so I didn't make it as rounded as the pattern showed. This suits me wonderfully.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Secret Projects

Where have I been for 2 months? 
Mostly I have been working on a couple projects I can't be showing...yet! 

But things I can show...

My applique quilt is back home from the quilt show and hanging on my sewing room wall where I can enjoy it while I sew.

At the show it won a first place in the hand applique category! I had also entered my scrappy log cabin quilt in the scrap quilt category and won a second place. As I was writing this I discovered I don't have a photo of that finished so I'll have to get one eventually

Now that one of my secret projects is done I got back to my 2-3/4" courthouse steps blocks!

They take time and I will need a lot of them but it will be worth the effort in the end.

And I have been making a tuffet. I have finally gathered the final supplies I need to get it finished. 
Here are the legs freshly painted. I should be able to show off my finished tuffet soon!

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cute Little Bags!

I love little bags, zippered cases and just about anything that you can tuck away little sewing tools into.
I have a secret project I'm working on with a very far into the future deadline.
This is from the Lazy Girl pattern - Sweetpea Pods.
They are perfect for holding thread, small scissors, needles, binding clips and how about chocolate!
I've made 16 of them so far and once I got going they were fast!
Then I finished my little hexagon bag I was making.
I HAVE to make another one!!! Fun to make and super cute!
But mostly I am hand quilting as much as possible.
I'm quilting the sashing now and that is going so fast. Then I just have to fill in some of the baskets and it's done - I can see the end and I'm so excited!
It will be done with time to spare for the quilt show!
Happy Stitching!