Sunday, January 10, 2016

Little things...

Little hexagons are coming together!
I think I have them arranged how I like them. Now can get started sewing these parts all together and then I have to make the partial blocks that fill in the edges!
And this little quilt is ready to buttonhole stitch around the little wool appliques!
I've got my handy stitch tool out to remind me how to do it!
Happy stitching!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The first finish of 2016!

It almost makes it sound like I am a  miracle worker but the truth be known, these finishes were almost done when 2016 started! Here is my cute little angel made from a kit ( it included the frame!!!!) by Bits and Pieces by Joan.
I am really pleased with it and now it is going up on my wall to look over me while I sew.
I also finished this pair of nice and simple ribbed socks. This wool is beautiful and soft and really thin. They are thin enough to actually wear with shoes. Many of the socks I have knitted are  just slightly too thick for shoes so I usually wear them just about the house...but that is nice too!
And I finished my little blocks. Today I'll be sewing them together and then I'll start the prep to add the little wool appliques.
So cute!
 I have been really enjoying reading all the blogs about the wonderful plans for quilts in the upcoming year! It is always interesting to hear what other quilters are thinking about!
And as for me, I have TOO many plans floating around my head.
I need to start doing just a few things at a time instead of 20 things at a time!
Happy Sewing!