Thursday, October 8, 2015

Oh no...a VERY big UFO list!

What was I thinking would happen when I started peaking in bins, looking on shelves and moving things around?
What happened was that I found a huge UFO pile. Some of it technically not unfinished because it is just in the 'I collected it for this project' stage, but it is all there and ready to go! My list has over 25 quilty things on it. And all I can say is how did that happen???
So I organized my list into categories with the most urgent things first and hung it on my bulletin board. No more ignoring reality! I started with what had to get done for Christmas because 3 of the quilts are for gifts and one is a Christmas lap quilt for us (or maybe a gift). Then in May my local quilt guild is having a quilt show and I have a couple quilts I want to get done for that. Next on the list is scrap quilts - I have 3 of those started. Then I have hand quilting projects. After that I listed the small UFO's that are just little day projects like bags and things. And finally the miscellaneous section full of the non priority projects.
My thought is to work on several things at one time (such as something with hand work and also something with machine work) but to finish things starting with the top 3 categories first.
So here is what I have been working on this week...
Two posy blocks done (and another one is started)
And a scrappy log cabin is coming along. I have almost 90 blocks complete of the 169 I want to make. They are cute and will finish at 4-1/2"
Happy Stitching and hopefully your UFO's are not as out of control as mine!