Friday, September 30, 2011

Back from New Hampshire and NYC!

I had a little fun while I was away visiting family and enjoying the sights in NYC- and by fun I think I mean I did a 'little' shopping!
In New Hampshire, one of my aunts took me to a couple of her favorite stores and as it turned out I liked them too. Our first stop was Candlelite Quilts in Chelmsford, Mass. It was a wonderful little store that had great samples and great fabrics! I would be a regular shopper if I lived there.

My first purchase was fabric for this cute tote bag. I can hardly wait to get started sewing.

Next I fell in love with these Robert Kaufman Quilters Tweeds. I can see a new log cabin quilt in my future.

I have been wanting to make myself a new Christmas stocking. Since my separation from my ex I have been using $2 Walmart Christmas stockings for myself. Really it is sad that a quilter should have such a stocking, so I am hoping I get this one done in time for Christmas this year. I may be cutting it close!

Here are a couple of patterns I bought at the various quilt shops I visited while away.

Then I found this perfect sashing fabric for a scrap quilt I was working on before going away. Now I can finally start putting it together.

Some more fabric for another bag and some for just because...

I found my calendar while away. I worried that it would get a little bent in my suitcase but it made it home in perfect condition.

Then here is a little felted wool in beautiful colors and textures. I didn't mean to buy this but my hands wouldn't let go so I had to. I have no idea when a wool quilt will get started but when it does I know I'll have a good start on collecting beautiful wool for it.

Then I came home with some stash from my Aunt Sharon's stash (thank you Aunt Sharon!!!) I have some ideas for a beautiful brown and pink quilt.

Now no trip would be complete without going into a yarn shop or two!

I very much enjoyed my time in Knit Pickings in Plaistow, NH. (As you can tell!)

The first thing I saw were these beautiful Fiddlehead mittens all made up. I have been eyeing them on Ravelry for a very long time so I bought wool to make a multicolored pair and also a 2 color pair! It will be a great winter!

Then I bought some very soft sock yarn. After all, what trip to the wool shop would be complete without a bit of sock yarn.

And here are couple more projects...

I think I bought myself a busy winter! I can hardly wait for it to start!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I have been slowly working on those big hexagons and finally I have some progress!

So far I have 4 strips of 3 blocks put together. This will give an idea of how it is going to look. Definitely NOT my usual colors but I am liking it! I still have a very long way to go but I am happy with how quickly it comes together now.

I hope the next post I'll have some amazing show and tell! I am off on a trip to New Hampshire and New York City! I can't wait to see what the quilt shops have!

One stop is the American Folk Art Museum! And the garment district in NYC! And.... Can't wait!

Happy Stitching and I'll be back soon!