Friday, September 30, 2011

Back from New Hampshire and NYC!

I had a little fun while I was away visiting family and enjoying the sights in NYC- and by fun I think I mean I did a 'little' shopping!
In New Hampshire, one of my aunts took me to a couple of her favorite stores and as it turned out I liked them too. Our first stop was Candlelite Quilts in Chelmsford, Mass. It was a wonderful little store that had great samples and great fabrics! I would be a regular shopper if I lived there.

My first purchase was fabric for this cute tote bag. I can hardly wait to get started sewing.

Next I fell in love with these Robert Kaufman Quilters Tweeds. I can see a new log cabin quilt in my future.

I have been wanting to make myself a new Christmas stocking. Since my separation from my ex I have been using $2 Walmart Christmas stockings for myself. Really it is sad that a quilter should have such a stocking, so I am hoping I get this one done in time for Christmas this year. I may be cutting it close!

Here are a couple of patterns I bought at the various quilt shops I visited while away.

Then I found this perfect sashing fabric for a scrap quilt I was working on before going away. Now I can finally start putting it together.

Some more fabric for another bag and some for just because...

I found my calendar while away. I worried that it would get a little bent in my suitcase but it made it home in perfect condition.

Then here is a little felted wool in beautiful colors and textures. I didn't mean to buy this but my hands wouldn't let go so I had to. I have no idea when a wool quilt will get started but when it does I know I'll have a good start on collecting beautiful wool for it.

Then I came home with some stash from my Aunt Sharon's stash (thank you Aunt Sharon!!!) I have some ideas for a beautiful brown and pink quilt.

Now no trip would be complete without going into a yarn shop or two!

I very much enjoyed my time in Knit Pickings in Plaistow, NH. (As you can tell!)

The first thing I saw were these beautiful Fiddlehead mittens all made up. I have been eyeing them on Ravelry for a very long time so I bought wool to make a multicolored pair and also a 2 color pair! It will be a great winter!

Then I bought some very soft sock yarn. After all, what trip to the wool shop would be complete without a bit of sock yarn.

And here are couple more projects...

I think I bought myself a busy winter! I can hardly wait for it to start!

Happy Stitching!

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