Wednesday, December 12, 2018

On the Home Stretch!

I've got just one more gift to make and one that is mostly finished to get done! It's been a busy month but I have still found the time to play a bit just for me in my sewing room! 

I spend a few nights with my dad every second week or so and I always have a project to work on. After the last hexagon project, I got working on finishing some bindings while visiting him and then I got working on my Christmas socks!

Here is a little baby quilt I finished! It is made with flannel on the top and bottom so it is soft and cuddly! The soon to be parents love it!

The Christmas socks are finished! While knitting the first sock I decided not to worry about the striping pattern matching and look what happened!!! They matched without trying!!! 

That never happens if you want it to match...

So now I need a new hand project to work on while staying with my dad. In my quest to use things I have I decided to use some of my wool. I only have a very small container with wool and very limited colors but I wanted to use it up so I decided to work on some Little Wooly basket blocks from a Linen Closet  BOM I had downloaded a few years ago. The little basket blocks are just 6" square. I prepped the first 6 blocks and I'll use my time with my dad to stitch them down. 
The photo doesn't do it justice! 

While I was looking for other things, I found these leftover fabrics from another project and was just in the mood to do something different and fast so I made a few pincushions! 

I also finished off some needle punch projects. I was originally thinking I would frame them (there are actually 2 angels and 3 snowmen) but that was a lot of frames so I decided to just back them and add hangers. They will eventually be sent to some people I know will love them.

I also made my own cording with some perle cotton I had to finish off the edges.

I have a Cricut Maker so I have been cutting a few iron on things to make for gifts. These I can show because I am fairly confident the receivers will never look at my blog!

This book bag is for a reader and library user! I know she will love it! 

And I made a couple of football t-shirts for the football fans on my list! 

So now to finish those last gifts...

Happy Stitching and Merry Christmas! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Obsessive Sewing- Done!

The 49 large pineapple blocks I've been piecing are done! 

 I am going to love them when I get them put together in a quilt top. The quilt is going to finish at about 100" square and I plan to use a wool batting so it will be warm and cozy.  I have decided to quilt this myself and I am going to try a Quilt as You Go technique. For my first go at QAYG, I thought I would keep the quilting simple - just in the ditch perhaps. Time to learn about it...

For now though the blocks are going to go away because it is time to get going on a few Christmas gifts- Christmas is less than 6 weeks away now! 

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Christmas Procrastinating

Yes I am procrastinating making Christmas gifts. I'm not sure why this year I am having difficulties getting at it because usually I dive right in! I normally LOVE making Christmas gifts. I don't even have much I'm planning to make!

But my procrastinating has led me back to an old UFO that I am now obsessing about. It is a large scrappy Pineapple quilt. I'm making 49 -14" blocks. 

Now that I am back at it I am sewing every spare chance I get like a crazy obsessed person. I have the next two days off so I know where I will be - in my sewing room!!!! In fact I should have taken a new picture - there are a few more rows added on since this one was taken! 

And finally I have back my sewing machine. When I first got it back the tension wasn't right so back it went to the shop the next day. I tried four different threads, 4 different bobbins and a couple different needles. Nothing helped. They couldn't find any issues????? So home it came and in the first couple inches my thread breaks. So I got out my flashlight and followed the thread path. And there wrapped around the thread take up was a small clump of white thread. What in the world???I was using grey thread so it wasn't mine and I have certainly never seen that happen. I was able to get it unwound with tweezers. My tension has been OK since then but that was a frustrating experience! I miss my old mechanical machine that I could service myself! 

Happy Stitching! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A What Was I Thinking Moment!

Sometimes you do something and afterwards you think "Why didn't I think of that?"

I have been trying a new ways to machine applique. I prefer hand applique but since that is a little hard on my hands now I have been playing with different types of machine applique. I much prefer turned edges so I have tried the apliquick method for this block. I like it except....

I was glue basting my pieces down...I had my light box , the paper pattern and then the background. Here is what happened when I lifted the glue basted block off the paper...

It stuck!!!! Yes, glue can go through your background! I never thought of using some kind of barrier in between. I am thinking I'll try press and seal on my paper pattern for my next block. What do other people do?

I do have a couple finishes too ! This little fall quilt is finally finished. I had been wanting to big stitch it hoping my hands would be able to do that for such a small quilt but no. This is the little quilt that sent my sewing machine to the shop but I finished it on my spare machine and finished the binding this week. It is almost a little late for fall now. We are quickly slipping into winter.

My hexagons are pieced! Now I just have to take all those 3/8" paper out! Once I get at it it won't take long but I'll have to be in the mood! 

And here is a Christmas gift I am able to show. There is a new baby in the family so I made her a Christmas stocking. I originally had a different plan but I decided to use what fabric I had. If I was to do it over I would use a lighter brown for the snowman arms. In person they show up a bit better though! 

And I am still waiting for my sewing machine...They did not find anything obvious for the burning smell so they did a tuneup on it. I had it back for one day but it came back with the tension out of wack so it promptly went back to get that fixed. I'm more than a little frustrated! My tension was perfect when I dropped it off. 

My spare machine is back on my sewing desk so that is where my day will be! 

Happy Stitching! 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Oh No!

Wednesday I was happily machine quilting a little wall hanging and all of a sudden...

I smelled burning...I checked all over but nothing and then I sat down again in front of my sewing machine and I could smell it again and when I touched it was HOT! I don't think that is a good thing.

It is now off to the repair man to see if it can be saved or maybe I'll be shopping for a new machine.

I've brought out the spare machine but it is pretty basic - good for small projects so for now I'll have to change up some projects! 

And on a secretive note - I've started making my gift making Christmas list!
That means less showing in the next couple of months.

Happy Stitching!