Tuesday, June 12, 2018

UFO #4 and Prep work!

UFO #4 is done! 
It has been gifted although the person who is receiving it has no idea - I just sent it out in the mail! This bag is made from a Quilt Patch pattern.

This next bag is the Herringbone Haul-it-All Tote Bag from a tutorial online from the Moda Bake Shop. I used up a jelly roll I had and got two bags from it. They will also be gifted in the near future.

This week my favorite Aunt Sharon is coming to visit my Dad and I, so I will away for a week. That means I'll get more hexagons added to my little quilt. I cut some more little squares just in case but I really don't think I was in danger of running out! 

UFO #5 will be the tuffet but that won't get underway until I'm back from my Dad's.

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

I've been busy!

I have had a couple of glorious days playing in my sewing room without much interruption! It is amazing what you can get done when you are in the groove!

I started and finished quilting my snowball quilt with a big spiral starting in the center. This quilt is going to be on my round table in the winter so I think the spiral will be perfect!

Here it is hanging over my ironing board!

I got the binding on too! When I get my binding sew on I always check to all the way around to make sure there are no puckers! This one is good so it is going to go to my dads with me next week to finish off the hand sewing. I almost wish it was winter again so I could enjoy it on the table for a while.

In between sewing I finished a couple of trees!  Here are the bases for them. They were just cedar fence post tops painted and sealed. I glued some felt to the bottoms so the furniture won't get scratched and then drilled a hole in the center for the trunk to fit into. 

And here they are! I love them! And again...I have to wait to enjoy them! 
They will only be out at Christmas!

I used several websites to get the general idea of how to make these. If you want to try to make your own here are the websites I used...

You can get kits to make them as well!

So now UFO#2 and UFO#3 are done! 

Next I started looking around...I found 3 quilts that need to be basted and quilted so I measured them for backings. All of them are under 70" square so not too bad to baste. Two will be machine quilted and one will be big stitched!

I settled on my next two UFO's. 

Here is a tote bag all cut up and ready to sew.

And here are the strips for a tuffet pre-cut and interfaced already.

But before I start I have to clean up a bit! 

Happy Stitching! 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

UFO#1- Close to Done!

When I first finished the quilting I laid it out and kept wondering if it needed more. After thinking about it for a couple days, I decided more quilting would be too on to the binding. 

Now I just have to hand sew it down. I'll be visiting my Dad next week so I'm going to save the handwork for then. I'm really pleased with how it is looking and can't wait to share!

My next UFO is that snowball quilt and I decided to do a big spiral starting at the center. I did that on my ugly squares quilt in the fall ( that has turned into my favorite napping quilt) and I really enjoyed the quilting process so I am going to do it once more before someday tackling a multi spiral design.

And UFO #3 is getting worked on too!  

This past Christmas I kept seeing people making these cute wooly trees! It looked like fun and I had some leftover felt ( green and white) so decided to make not just one but 3! I got one made in time for Christmas.

Here are the branches for tree #2. All I have left to do is attach branches to the trunk and paint the bases and I'll be done another UFO! (I decided 2 was enough)

Today I have a day in my sewing room so I'm going to get started on the snowball quilt! 

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

UFO #1

I am back at finishing my growing pile of UFO's. My new on each one until done!

I have started quilting my tiny nine patch quilt. It is HEAVY! All those little 1/2" squares have a lot of weight to them. I decided to quilt just a straight line grid through the nine patches. I'm almost half done!

While I've been quilting I have been thinking of how to quilt UFO#2. Again I thought a grid through the snowballs or maybe free motion circles all over or maybe quilted spirals. One other thought I had was long swoopy waves that remind me of the wind. I'll be starting on it next week so I have to decide soon...

I haven't counted my UFO's but there are quite a few so I hope you enjoy seeing my progress over the next few months!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Dear Blog, I'm Sorry for Neglecting You

Yes I have been neglecting my blog and yes I have catching up to do!

It all started when my sewing machine was just a belt but it took a while to get it fixed and it was a traumatic experience for me! 

After Christmas I was ready to get my UFO's under control. I had a plan...but when my sewing machine had to get repaired that plan took a back seat. I do have a spare machine but it is small and it wasn't going to handle the  big projects I had in my UFO pile. 

So I made more UFO's (insert sigh here). This was the first new UFO. Looking for something to work on I flipped through some old magazines and looked through some of my precuts. I discovered that I had 2 layer cakes exactly the same. I guess I must have really liked the fabric line and that would be enough to make a lap quilt. This is what I made-  it was Jo Morton fabric. I still have to get it basted and ready for quilting but for now it's at the bottom of my UFO pile.

But an interesting thing happened during my cutting. I don't always use starch but I decided to starch the layer cakes before cutting. I discovered they weren't square anymore after starching. They had shrunk in one direction and what I would consider a lot for a 10" square. 

The bottom piece is not starched so you can see the shrinkage. I was shocked by it actually!

This one I sprayed the top piece with just water and pressed dry. That shrunk just as much as the starched piece.

I've been a pre-washer most of my quilting life because I have had fabrics run in the past and I've had colors bleed in a quilt. Now I'll be a pre-washer for shrinkage too! 

Now that my sewing machine is back home, I'll be getting back on that UFO busting plan. 

Happy Stitching!