Monday, March 4, 2019

Basting and basting and basting!

I was heading to my dad's the other day for a visit and winter made me turn around and come home. There was near zero visibility at times. I have been lucky this winter that the weather has co-operated up until February. 

So this unexpected time at home made me think it was the perfect time to start some quilt basting.

I set up my tables and got busy. I pin basted the next three sections for my pineapple quilt ( I still have two sections left but ran out of safety pins.) 

And I thread basted my jelly roll nine patch for big stitching. The picture does not do it justice! It is going to finish close to 60" x 72". It almost didn't fit on my table!

After I had it basted I previewed a couple of quilting stencils I had. I am wanting an all over pattern in the center and a different border. Here is one idea but I'm also thinking feathers may be fun. I'm not sure with big stitch if the pattern will be effective with feathers though. The feathers will probably have to be a bit larger.

I also finished sewing the tumblers together in long strips. I'll be alternating them with solid strips. I have to play in my stash a bit to see what color I would like. 

And I started a new pair of socks. I've been knitting almost every morning lately while I have my morning coffee. I am finding it quite relaxing and enjoyable.  This colorway is beautiful- it looks like  stormy day. 

Now I have to go find my thimble and big stitch needles!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Falling back in love with the old!

The last couple years I have been trying to use up older fabrics and supplies- in other words try to use what I have before buying what I want. There will always be something great and new around the corner and I live in a condo so I don't have unlimited space! 

One of my latest projects was to use up an old jelly roll from 5 or 6 years ago. I had loved it once but not anymore. I decided it would be perfect for gifting so I just starting making easy nine patch blocks. When they were done I went through my stash and picked out fabrics looked good with the colors from the jelly roll and then I started putting it together. ( It still needs a good pressing!)

I often think about how I am going to quilt a project as I am sewing and this one was no different.

About half way through piecing the top, all of a sudden it hit me that I COULD NOT machine quilt this quilt and I COULD NOT give it to anyone but me! I was love...and I couldn't wait to get started quilting it by hand. I decided to big stitch it and with the same idea of using up things, I found spools of old thick Mettler thread which I believe is cotton in my thread stash. It will be perfect for big stitching but I just don't have enough to do the whole quilt in one color so I picked out all the colors that complimented the quilt. I am so excited to get this basted but it will probably not be for a couple of weeks. I am putting in extra hours at work for the next while so I don't have as much free time as I am used to. 

I have also started machine quilting sections of a large pineapple quilt. These first sections are about 28" square. I have 4 of them done. Next I will be quilting sections that are 2x3 blocks. I have 4 of those. I'm using a wool batting that is a little puffier than I am used to but this will be a wonderful cozy quilt for my bed.

I don't know whether it is that it is winter, but I have been knitting more than usual lately. I just finished a new pair of socks. My LWS,  The Naked Sheep Yarn and Fibre Emporium has a fun monthly sock knitting challenge and in February the theme was of course all about hearts. I picked up some beautiful hand dyed wool in a color that was somewhat love like and got they are. 

 The pattern is Diagonal Lace Sock and the wool is from Dye for Ewe and it is so soft. I usually do not not indulge in such expensive wool for socks but I know my feet will LOVE these!

I have 2 days off now so I am going to use them to make backings for all these projects I want to get quilting!

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

So many projects!

I have been slowly bringing out UFO's to work on and get done. So right now I have 5 projects on the go and soon to be 6 ( I need a new 'going to my dad's project' to work on).

  • Dear Jane
  • Civil War Bride Quilt
  • Scrappy Tumblers ( a story for this one)
  • Use up a Jelly Roll project
  • Quilt as you go Pineapple quilt

The Dear Jane and the Civil War Bride are both long term projects. I have a few new blocks to show. The Dear Jane has 4 more blocks done and about  12 printed for prepping. 
I am using the Dear Jane software from EQ. 

And one more block is done for the Civil War Bride quilt, with two more blocks started. 
They are still in the prep stage! 

The scrappy tumblers were a surprise from my favorite quilter (aka my Aunt Sharon!) Her and her friends had gotten together and cut a bunch of tumblers with the accuquilt. She sent me a bag full, some were pieced in groups of two and some were just singles still. I have them all pressed and ready to sew! 
It is so much fun playing with other peoples scraps!!!!!

I'm lifting part of my sewing room floor in the next while because I have a major squeak. I don't know yet if it is the laminate or the sub floor. I am preparing for the worst and setting myself up to sew in the dining room for a while. This tumbler quilt will be perfect for working on while my sewing room is mostly out of commission!

I also have an old jellyroll - you know one of those that you look at and wonder "What was I thinking that day!" Well I saw a nine patch variation on Pinterest and it gave me an idea. 
So I am going to start that too! Photos to follow...

 I am also going to start quilting my pineapple blocks. The quilt is going to be way to big to work on the whole thing so I decided to try a quilt as you go. Instead of doing individual blocks , I am going to put them together 2x2 and see how that goes. I plan to use up some old fabrics for the backing so  might have to do some piecing to get large enough ( I need about 32" square).

And finally, my favorite Aunt Sharon also sent me a cute little Christmas project to just has to be framed. It was so much fun - all pre-printed!

I'll wait until Christmas though so I can see it there are any cute Christmas frames available! 
It fits into an 8x10 frame.

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

2019- A Year of Jane

For almost 20 years I've been thinking about making the Dear Jane quilt. In all that time I could never make a final decision about what fabrics to use- I have thought about blue and white, red and white, reproduction, scrappy, all neutrals... and I have just never been able to make up my mind...until now. 

Here are the two fabrics that are my inspiration!

Then I debated size. I was thinking what a great challenge it would be to shrink those blocks from 4-1/2" to 3"! I've seen a few photos of a smaller sized Dear Jane and have loved them! But once I finally made a decision on fabrics I decided to do it in full size and I am going to quilt it as I go. 

I think the challenge will just be to get it done! 

So 2019 will be my Year of Jane! And I made a bit of a head start.. here are the first 9.

 I have 4 more prepped that just need appliques added but I'll show them later.

Then I have been debating joining the annual American Patchwork and Quilting UFO challenge...I have a few. I thought maybe it will inspire me to work on some of those things I have tucked away. 

This week I will start making my list of UFO's. 

The rest of my week is the quiet before storm so to speak! Our first Christmas dinner is on Saturday but I am all done so I can spend the rest of the week playing!

Merry Christmas Stitchers! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

On the Home Stretch!

I've got just one more gift to make and one that is mostly finished to get done! It's been a busy month but I have still found the time to play a bit just for me in my sewing room! 

I spend a few nights with my dad every second week or so and I always have a project to work on. After the last hexagon project, I got working on finishing some bindings while visiting him and then I got working on my Christmas socks!

Here is a little baby quilt I finished! It is made with flannel on the top and bottom so it is soft and cuddly! The soon to be parents love it!

The Christmas socks are finished! While knitting the first sock I decided not to worry about the striping pattern matching and look what happened!!! They matched without trying!!! 

That never happens if you want it to match...

So now I need a new hand project to work on while staying with my dad. In my quest to use things I have I decided to use some of my wool. I only have a very small container with wool and very limited colors but I wanted to use it up so I decided to work on some Little Wooly basket blocks from a Linen Closet  BOM I had downloaded a few years ago. The little basket blocks are just 6" square. I prepped the first 6 blocks and I'll use my time with my dad to stitch them down. 
The photo doesn't do it justice! 

While I was looking for other things, I found these leftover fabrics from another project and was just in the mood to do something different and fast so I made a few pincushions! 

I also finished off some needle punch projects. I was originally thinking I would frame them (there are actually 2 angels and 3 snowmen) but that was a lot of frames so I decided to just back them and add hangers. They will eventually be sent to some people I know will love them.

I also made my own cording with some perle cotton I had to finish off the edges.

I have a Cricut Maker so I have been cutting a few iron on things to make for gifts. These I can show because I am fairly confident the receivers will never look at my blog!

This book bag is for a reader and library user! I know she will love it! 

And I made a couple of football t-shirts for the football fans on my list! 

So now to finish those last gifts...

Happy Stitching and Merry Christmas!