Friday, October 12, 2018

Oh No!

Wednesday I was happily machine quilting a little wall hanging and all of a sudden...

I smelled burning...I checked all over but nothing and then I sat down again in front of my sewing machine and I could smell it again and when I touched it was HOT! I don't think that is a good thing.

It is now off to the repair man to see if it can be saved or maybe I'll be shopping for a new machine.

I've brought out the spare machine but it is pretty basic - good for small projects so for now I'll have to change up some projects! 

And on a secretive note - I've started making my gift making Christmas list!
That means less showing in the next couple of months.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

A little catch up!

My sewing room has been taken over by a guest so not much has been happening here.

I had been working on this large blue and white scrappy star. I got all the star points pieced before I had to set up the sewing room as a guest room.

As each star point was finished I was laying them on the floor in no particular way. One day my husband walked in and he was completely mesmerized! I'm not sure if that is good or bad yet!  

Then I started cutting pieces for the border...

I won't have my room back until later this week, so I have been working on my pile of handwork! I started this sweet little granny square afghan for a little girls Christmas gift. 

This will be my first finished Christmas gift this year. Every year I make several Christmas presents for people I care about. I have been thinking about what I want to do this year but I'm not coming up with any great ideas. I wonder if this will be one of those years I don't make much or if it will be one of those years I am making things to the last minute?

Happy Stitching! 

Monday, September 17, 2018

One Fall Finish!

One little fall quilt is finished and is now hanging on my condo door! 
You can tell a quilter lives here!

And while I was adding binding...

Why is it that almost every time I put on binding ( large quilt or small quilt) a seam ends up in the corner?

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Fall Fever and a Bit of Catching Up!

Fall fever has hit me hard!
I've been doing my fall cleaning and hadn't thought I had been spending much time in my sewing room but then I started to take some pictures! 

In keeping with my UFO's I have worked on a couple projects. I decided my hexagons would have one last border and then it will fit perfectly on my coffee table! 
I have 3 side sections done and ready to sew on.

I had been cutting blue and neutral strips for some time from scraps and my stash. I finally assembled and re-cut and now I am ready to start putting together a star! Each point has 10 strips so it will take me a while to get this made. It is precision piecing! 

Then fall has struck early here both in my sewing room and outside. I don't think I have ever seen the trees turning this early. It has inspired me in the sewing room though. 

I pieced this little top for my condo door!

It is a small quilt  that I will machine quilt so I thought I would try pin basting!

It went really fast!

Then I pieced this one just for fun! I am planning on big stitching it for lots of texture.

The colors are not quite right in the photo but here are the threads I am using. I am using the darker thread around the appliques for contrast to separate those sunflowers from the background.

With these two quilts I have been playing with different machine applique techniques - both turned edge. I bought these Easy Threading needles to help bring my threads to the back to tie off and I LOVE them!!! Why have I never bought these before?

And finally I picked up this wool to make myself a fun pair of Christmas socks! 
My feet are going to look fabulous on Christmas morning!

I am going to try to blog a bit more often so I keep caught up! 

Happy Stitching

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Basting Day

Today was basting day. My goal was to get 3 of 4 quilt tops basted and ready to quilt. I glue basted  again but I really am not all that happy with it. It's faster for sure but I really wonder if that glue really all comes out! Next time I am going to try safety pins for the first time. ( I've always thread basted)

Here are the first two! 
The dresden will be going on my table and the birds will be a summer quilt for my sewing room wall. Both quilts are from fabrics I never buy or use.
 I was in a strange mood that day while I was shopping. 

This next quilt is all hand appliqued and I when I started it I had such a vision! 

Embroidery, beads and big stitch quilting with fabulous colors!

It was not to be but it took me a long time to accept. I can still do some handwork with my Rheumatoid Arthritis but there are certain things that just hurt too much. The first to go was the embroidery, the second thing to go was the big stitching. I really wanted that thick thread look so I am going to machine quilt it. It is going to be quite a project and I am hoping in the end that I am happy with it.

Other than making backings I really have only completed one thing...a new bag for work! This was the same pattern as my old worn out and shredding work bag. I made one alteration- longer handles so it can be a shoulder bag. I made it from the leftover fabrics from my first tuffett.

I love it so much I am going to make a second bag for everyday with some fake leather fabric I have. I have one other alteration to make in that - to add a center inside dividing pocket


I've been thinking about something. I have been spending TOO MUCH TIME on the internet. I was remembering my life before the internet. Don't get me wrong here - I love the internet. I am a naturally curious person and I love all sharing and ideas but life was simpler without it. I had just a few quilts that were on my soon to make list. Now it seems that there are hundreds of ideas swimming around in my head. It has become overwhelming because my brain never turns off. It seems like I spend more time checking out Pinterest or my Facebook groups ( I have resisted  all other sharing formats!) than I have actually enjoying making things. I know there is no turning back from life with the internet but the last couple of weeks I've been taking an internet vacation. I've been trying to limit my time looking...and it has been great! 

So , you may not see me posting very often for a while as I see where this will take me. I'll still be checking things out once in a while and I'll still be checking out the blogs I like to follow. 

More importantly I will be making things!

Happy Stitching!