Thursday, August 2, 2018

Basting Day

Today was basting day. My goal was to get 3 of 4 quilt tops basted and ready to quilt. I glue basted  again but I really am not all that happy with it. It's faster for sure but I really wonder if that glue really all comes out! Next time I am going to try safety pins for the first time. ( I've always thread basted)

Here are the first two! 
The dresden will be going on my table and the birds will be a summer quilt for my sewing room wall. Both quilts are from fabrics I never buy or use.
 I was in a strange mood that day while I was shopping. 

This next quilt is all hand appliqued and I when I started it I had such a vision! 

Embroidery, beads and big stitch quilting with fabulous colors!

It was not to be but it took me a long time to accept. I can still do some handwork with my Rheumatoid Arthritis but there are certain things that just hurt too much. The first to go was the embroidery, the second thing to go was the big stitching. I really wanted that thick thread look so I am going to machine quilt it. It is going to be quite a project and I am hoping in the end that I am happy with it.

Other than making backings I really have only completed one thing...a new bag for work! This was the same pattern as my old worn out and shredding work bag. I made one alteration- longer handles so it can be a shoulder bag. I made it from the leftover fabrics from my first tuffett.

I love it so much I am going to make a second bag for everyday with some fake leather fabric I have. I have one other alteration to make in that - to add a center inside dividing pocket


I've been thinking about something. I have been spending TOO MUCH TIME on the internet. I was remembering my life before the internet. Don't get me wrong here - I love the internet. I am a naturally curious person and I love all sharing and ideas but life was simpler without it. I had just a few quilts that were on my soon to make list. Now it seems that there are hundreds of ideas swimming around in my head. It has become overwhelming because my brain never turns off. It seems like I spend more time checking out Pinterest or my Facebook groups ( I have resisted  all other sharing formats!) than I have actually enjoying making things. I know there is no turning back from life with the internet but the last couple of weeks I've been taking an internet vacation. I've been trying to limit my time looking...and it has been great! 

So , you may not see me posting very often for a while as I see where this will take me. I'll still be checking things out once in a while and I'll still be checking out the blogs I like to follow. 

More importantly I will be making things!

Happy Stitching! 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

UFO #5 and 6 done and almost done

The tuffet is done and in use! I am loving it! 

Here is the Dresden plate table topper all pieced.
As I was making it I wondered why in the world I ever bought that fabric.

But then I remembered I was thinking of my mom that day and she would have loved it.

After the top was made I pieced the backing from large 'scraps' from other backings and just fabrics I want to use up. Piecing backings takes more time than you realize. Most of my backings right now have been pieced because I am trying to use up what I have. 
It really is quite satisfying despite the time it takes!

I'll be basting this quilt and a couple more quilts near the end of the month.

So now UFO #5 and #6 are done (or almost)

So onto some small fun projects to use up some supplies...I think I'll be looking at Pinterest a bit! 

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

UFO #5 and other sewing room adventures!

UFO #5 is well under way! Here is the tuffet shell all made!

Now it is time for construction, but since my Mr. is working nights at the moment and my next step is staple gunning, it will have to wait until I have the time and he is up!

Getting all my supplies together though was an adventure. I had the string and the staple gun..somewhere..I looked everywhere. I opened EVERY container in my sewing room, some of them twice and could I find my but I found lots of other things!
Then I remembered I had a rolling drawer in the bedroom closet where I keep my batting and a few other supplies and there were the things I was needing..string, staple gun and a 12" needle!

I also got two backings made for my next quilts. 
My RA has been giving me a bit of a kicking lately so I will get those basted on a day my hands are feeling better.

And I finished the next row of my little hexagons. I laid it out on my coffee table and loved it there. I want to finish it with a dark row so a dark binding will blend in, so I think I'll do one row of  lights and then one row of a dark and then the top is done. Me and handwork are not getting along well right now so it is slow going!

One of my next UFO's...a giant dresden plate. The dresden is about 32" across. This quilt is being made for my round dining table.I enjoy having a quilt on the table and I wanted one that would look good in the spring and summer. This will be UFO #6!

And I know that I said I was going to be working on UFO's and technically this probably isn't one but...The Civil War Bride Quilt pattern was given to me by my bother many years ago and I have always wanted to make it. In fact I pull this pattern out all the time and look at it. 
My brother would have been 50 this year and I feel now is the time to finally start it. 

I know that I could never manage appliqueing this by hand anymore but I also want a turned edge, so when I saw the Apliquick tools and method I thought this would be great! I could still machine applique but it wouldn't look like raw edge.

So I started picking out fabric. It didn't take long before I had a full bin! 

And finally...when I was looking for my tuffet supplies and tools, I found these. How many times do I buy something and say I have to try that and I never do? So here are three things to try and use.

Texture Magic...I have had this for YEARS
Key Fob hardware...only a couple of years
Walnut shells for pincushions..I guess I thought I needed a new pincushion

After my tuffet and dresden pate are complete I am going to play with a couple of smaller projects and use these up! 

So I've got lots of happy times ahead in my sewing room!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Bindings are Done!

While I was at my dad's I got my binding finished on my two quilts I took with me. I didn't get anything else done though - despite my good intentions!

I love this snowball quilt! It is going to be perfect for my table this winter!

And finally 'Nine' is done. 
I went back and checked...I started it in early 2016 and it is finally finished! 
Only 2+ years to complete!

Here is a closer look! 

I am already dreaming of another quilt with tiny pieces!

This week I have to get my sewing room back together after it was used as a guest room and then back to my UFO's.

Next up...UFO #5 ...a tuffet! 

Happy Stitching! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

UFO #4 and Prep work!

UFO #4 is done! 
It has been gifted although the person who is receiving it has no idea - I just sent it out in the mail! This bag is made from a Quilt Patch pattern.

This next bag is the Herringbone Haul-it-All Tote Bag from a tutorial online from the Moda Bake Shop. I used up a jelly roll I had and got two bags from it. They will also be gifted in the near future.

This week my favorite Aunt Sharon is coming to visit my Dad and I, so I will away for a week. That means I'll get more hexagons added to my little quilt. I cut some more little squares just in case but I really don't think I was in danger of running out! 

UFO #5 will be the tuffet but that won't get underway until I'm back from my Dad's.

Happy Stitching!