Thursday, January 22, 2015

A little quilting, a little knitting and a surprise!

I've been trying to quilt everyday for at least an hour, and most days I manage that...
I am quilting the background now of Block #1.
I am still undecided on what I am quilting in the large space on the basket but I will eventually decide on that.
While quilting I found a surprise. I had appliqued this quilt using freezer paper and when it was all stitched down I just removed the freezer paper from the backside. Well, as I was quilting my fingers ran across a leaf and I heard the distinct crinkle of paper!
I pulled out some of the stitching and dug inside with tweezers and look what I found!
Now I will stitch it back up and no one will be the wiser...
except us of course.
And I finished my coiled bowls.
I managed to get three bowls from the scraps of batiks I had cut. I still have clothesline left so I see more in my future.
And I am knitting the second of a pair of socks! These ones are for me.
And finally I bought these cute little mini "bonbons" of yarn...I won't say much for now but they are needed so I can get a start on making Christmas presents! This past year I was in last minute panic mode and I am hoping that doesn't happen again- ever!
Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cleaning up the pile!

After my New Year's clean up I realized I have a mighty pile of UFO's, cut out projects and and projects where I have just gathered all the fabrics I need.

And guess what...I just want to start something new!
So I am pushing that thought away and I am going to try to finish at least a couple projects first!

I had batik scraps all cut up to make coiled baskets...
here is a start with the 'pinks'!
And do you see that Wonder Clip???
It was a Christmas present this year and it is the BEST thing EVER!
It is a very handy gadget! 
...and when that one is done I have a pile of brown strips and blues/purples to use up!
I started arranging my giant apple cores. I am almost happy with it! I have a few more pieces to move and it will be ready to sew.
And I finally started quilting my flowers! I may be crazy but I am thinking of trying to have it finished by the middle of April so I can put it into the Moose Jaw quilt show.
I will need to quilt every day if I want to get it done in time!
Happy Stitching!