Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cleaning up the pile!

After my New Year's clean up I realized I have a mighty pile of UFO's, cut out projects and and projects where I have just gathered all the fabrics I need.

And guess what...I just want to start something new!
So I am pushing that thought away and I am going to try to finish at least a couple projects first!

I had batik scraps all cut up to make coiled baskets...
here is a start with the 'pinks'!
And do you see that Wonder Clip???
It was a Christmas present this year and it is the BEST thing EVER!
It is a very handy gadget! 
...and when that one is done I have a pile of brown strips and blues/purples to use up!
I started arranging my giant apple cores. I am almost happy with it! I have a few more pieces to move and it will be ready to sew.
And I finally started quilting my flowers! I may be crazy but I am thinking of trying to have it finished by the middle of April so I can put it into the Moose Jaw quilt show.
I will need to quilt every day if I want to get it done in time!
Happy Stitching!


  1. Best of luck to you to have the quilt done and ready to put in the Quilt Show. I like your coiled baskets. That is something I have never tried before. Will you machine or hand sew your Apple Core? I think you will be happy to finish up some projects before starting a new one.

  2. Love your basket color...inspires me to start mine...and that apple core..on my to do list too. Might as well sew with all this freezing weather in NB

  3. The batik strips look good in the basket. I started one of those coiled baskets a long time ago but was trying to make more of a tote. Not successful and I never used the technique again. I did not get a straight up and down sides for the tote after creating the bottom.