Sunday, December 28, 2014

It seems like a good time to...

Just after Christmas each year, I find it is a good time to re-evaluate all my projects, UFO's, things I want to make and things I 'have' to make. I look at it all and try to figure it out!
What do I do first? What about 2nd? Is there anything I don't want to do now?
This year is a bit different because after moving I am still not completely organized. In fact just yesterday I couldn't find something (I still haven't figured out where it went!)
But in the process so far I found 3 skeins of Handicrafter cotton to make dishcloths...and guess what!
Yes I got busy and they are done!
Then I found my spindles and wool fiber and realized I am way out of practice, so I got to making yarn!
I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it! Now I have to keep it up! I have a couple special people who are knitters and someday I'd like to make a yarn so wonderful that it is worthy of gift giving.
Remember, my big apple core pieces? Christmas interrupted that project.
I'm going to start arranging them soon!
And then these scraps surfaced again. They are all cut to make a scrappy braid quilt. I am almost tempted to abandon the project because I keep thinking they are UGLY...


 But after looking at the picture I think there may be hope.
I'm going to keep going and have faith! 
Then although not started I am joining a 9 patch exchange group with some of the wonderful quilters from my old town!
There will be more to show but for now this is enough to concentrate on!
Happy Stitching!

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  1. So much fun to have different projects going. I think your braid quilt will turn out wonderful. Look forward to seeing it grow. The apple core quilt pieces look fun too. I don't know how to knit; but those towels make nice gifts; and to finish them so quickly. Thanks for sharing.