Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm almost half done!

My big-stitched winter nap quilt is almost half quilted. Every night I try to spent time quilting it. The perle cotton color is perfect blends right in.

Here is a peak at the is a soft thick flannel.

And the front, though you can't really see the quilting because of the chalk marking lines and how well the perle cotton blends in.

And in the queue waiting for some attention ...

I cut strips for another scrap quilt. This time I cut up all the floral scraps.

As soon as I have a sample block or two made I'll post it, but it will be a week or so. All my extra time is spent big-stitching.

I also cut out all the pieces for the Margo Handbag. I am still debating the zipper color- blue or green but either will look great. I think it will be whatever my hand grabs when I need it.

 I starting getting my new Christmas stocking organized and when I opened the pattern, the stocking was a little small for my Santa wishes, so I did a little enlarging. Now it should work just fine!

And that isn't all that is in my queue...I may just have too much going on!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Little Christmas...and Hexagons!

Yes, the Christmas spirit has arrived! I got to work putting together a little log cabin Christmas quilt.

I had great plans to quilt it. And the test sample was perfect. I didn't take into account all those seams this delicate thread would have to travel through though.

All the thread did was keep breaking, so I had to switch to plain red thread for the quilting...still nice but not shiny and gold.

One thing I'd like to share though is that before putting on binding I always baste the edge of my quilt about 1/8" in.  It really helps to prevent tucks and puckers.

The finished quilt....about 24" square. It is going to look great on someones table!

I have also been working on my hexagons. I have a map now. Most of the pieces are assembled into strips of 3 blocks. This is my pile...

And this is my first section so far....

It is going to be so very beautiful on my bed!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I have a LITTLE guilt....

I had a great weekend sewing and cut into some of the fabric I bought while I was away to finish piecing this quilt. I love this fabric and had a very hard time slicing into it.

So here is a confession of my guilt. This quilt was going to be a Christmas present (and I will not say for whom) but after piecing it I think I need to keep it for myself. As soon as it was done I could see myself all wrapped up in it for a winter's nap. I can almost feel the flannel backing (I have to go shopping for that!) and see the quilting. And it is the perfect nap size- 60" x 67".

This one will be another big stitched quilt so it will hopefully be ready to use by the time the cold part of winter arrives.

So I am thinking a clam shell pattern with a nice brown pearl cotton.

And although I will not get another quilt made before Christmas to replace this one I will begin work on it's replacement for next Christmas...

And in the meantime, and despite my selfishness, maybe a little Christmas spirit has found me after all...

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Back in my Sewing Room!

It was a long hot summer without much time in my sewing room and now I am back! Over the last week I have been working on one of the projects I bought while I was away on my holiday- the Bow Tucks Bag.

As it turned out I had bought enough fabric to make 2 bags! Here are the outside pieces and linings.

And the finished bags!

...and details of the bows and tucks!


What a cute bag!
Two someones I know will enjoy them...yes they are gifts!

I did have some difficulties...I had forgotten that my sewing machine does not like Guttermann Polyester thread. It never has...even right after a cleaning and with a new needle. I had thought I had gotten rid of all my old thread long ago. I did not even think about it when I looked for blue thread for the handles. I am not close to a thread store (at least 1-1/2 hours away) and had forgotten to buy blue thread with the fabric so I was making due.

And here is what I got...

Yuck! It is only on the back and only on the handles (I changed thread as soon as I noticed it).
  I left it as it was warts and all. I decided it was part of the bag's charm...yes I am telling myself that.

Now I am going to start sewing my strips together from my scrap quilt I had started just before I went on holidays. I am so in love with this fabric I almost hate to cut into it, but this quilt has a purpose I think. It may be a is that season for thinking about Christmas a bit!

Happy Stitching!