Sunday, June 21, 2015

Not much going on...

It has been a while and although I feel as if I haven't done much, I really have. I have machine quilted four quilts. I just finished putting on bindings and all that is needed now is to hand sew down the bindings and give them a wash to get out the water soluble thread.
And speaking of machine quilting...I bought a new foot for my sewing machine for free motion quilting. It is easy to see where you are going and since it is closed all around it doesn't catch my basting threads! I LOVE it!
 I free motioned my apple core quilt and I think it was the best free motion quilting I have done yet. It has markings so you can do echo quilting so I am going to practice with some muslin squares to see what I can come up with! I have LOTS of ideas!
And I started prepping the pieces for my next applique block too.
I am happy to go back to my usual freezer paper method!
And after a year without a sewing room, I am finally counting down the days until I get a room to create in once again! You don't realize how hard it is to be without a space until it is taken away.
Hopefully my next post will be about me setting up my space!!!!
Happy Stitching!