Monday, February 15, 2016

Things that are little...

I finally finished my little mini quilt kit from Primitive Gatherings. When I cut the binding from the kit fabric I cut it the wrong size ...oops! I didn't have a single brown in my stash that looked good. I finally took a trip to the quilt shop and found something acceptable.
 The little 13"x15" quilt is now hanging on my sewing room wall!
The next little thing is a slow, slow, slow, work in progress.
My little 1/4" hexies are getting put together finally!
I am now working on the edge pieces. I'm hoping it goes much faster not because I am tiring of it but because I want it hanging up to enjoy.
And I finished my ugly quilt top...and yes I still think it is ugly. I am sure I do not want to do another random scrap quilt for a long time. I'll take a break from it before quilting it.
Happy Stitching!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Maybe it isn't so ugly after all!

I just finished pressing my rows of 2-1/2" squares from my scraps...finished it will make a 72" square quilt for me to nap under.
As I was pressing I realized that this quilt is a big part of my quilting history. I noticed fabrics from quilts I love, fabrics from quilts I have made for family and friends, fabrics from charity quilts, fabrics I love just because, fabrics I wondered what I was thinking when I bought that one and so much more...
This is going to be a quilt of maybe it isn't going to be too ugly after all!
Happy Stitching!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Quick update!

So much for updating more often...(sigh...) But I have been getting lots done!
It seems that the beginning of the year is a good time to look about my sewing room and evaluate what has been happening. What I have discovered is that I have UFO's ALL OVER THE PLACE!
It is stressful actually. Seeing all those projects lying around and trying to work around their piles is frustrating. And quilting should not be stressful. So I have been prioritizing my UFO's and putting them out of sight. My top priorities for now are the ones that are quickest to finish. That means my ugly scrap quilt is coming back out from the bottom of the pile. Remember this?
I actually have 28 rows sewn so far!
This is now my current project until it is finished!
In the meantime I have been finishing some things...
Three snowmen needle punches are done!
Little 'bead' snowflakes have been added. They just need to be finished in frames. But I also have angel needle punch UFO's so I'll put these aside until all of them are done and ready to frame.
And  I am not needing them until Christmas so no hurry! (Prioritize!)
And two more applique blocks are done...only two to go. I'm prepping those today!
This is my hand work UFO!
The lighting wasn't great on this one. The light purple flowers are much more visible in person!
I'll be continuing on my quest to get my sewing room under control!
Happy Stitching!