Thursday, February 4, 2016

Quick update!

So much for updating more often...(sigh...) But I have been getting lots done!
It seems that the beginning of the year is a good time to look about my sewing room and evaluate what has been happening. What I have discovered is that I have UFO's ALL OVER THE PLACE!
It is stressful actually. Seeing all those projects lying around and trying to work around their piles is frustrating. And quilting should not be stressful. So I have been prioritizing my UFO's and putting them out of sight. My top priorities for now are the ones that are quickest to finish. That means my ugly scrap quilt is coming back out from the bottom of the pile. Remember this?
I actually have 28 rows sewn so far!
This is now my current project until it is finished!
In the meantime I have been finishing some things...
Three snowmen needle punches are done!
Little 'bead' snowflakes have been added. They just need to be finished in frames. But I also have angel needle punch UFO's so I'll put these aside until all of them are done and ready to frame.
And  I am not needing them until Christmas so no hurry! (Prioritize!)
And two more applique blocks are done...only two to go. I'm prepping those today!
This is my hand work UFO!
The lighting wasn't great on this one. The light purple flowers are much more visible in person!
I'll be continuing on my quest to get my sewing room under control!
Happy Stitching!

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  1. The applique blocks are very pretty. Nice colors.