Monday, April 30, 2012

FMQ Challenge..April

OK, I am not usually a procrastinator but it seems that this challenge has changed me...I certainly seem to be procrastinating on this. Here it is the last day....again.

This months Free Motion Quilting challenge was fun. I enjoyed the process of marking my 'block' and enjoyed trying to 'follow' a line. Don Linn's method from April's FMQ Challenge was easy and fast. I can see lots of possibilities. Like in the 'feather' month...I was NOT GOOD at freehand feathers. But using this marking method, I can give myself a chance to get used to the motion of a feather.

Here are some of my samples. Some sections of these samples are better than others. I tried quilting clockwise, counter clockwise, forward, backward, sideways....I went in every direction...just to try it.

I discovered that I quilt better clockwise and towards me.

I didn't wash out my blue marks for these samples-after all they are just samples. Looking where I wasn't even close to the lines, I realize that some of those I wouldn't even notice if the blue line was I keep that in mind as I continue to practice...and I remember that we are our own worst critic.

 What will help me get better?

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Plan for Pink and Brown!

All my pink and brown blocks are pieced and I've decided how to assemble
them all into a nice sized lap quilt!

I decided that I would put together 4 blocks (2x2) from each color
combination so the quilt will look a bit 'chunky'.

I have enough blocks to do 20 'chunks' with 4 blocks left over. They will be perfect for the corners of the border. The finished quilt should be about 54"x 66"- a very nice size to cuddle under!

I have good news too! I finally got to a quilt shop and have bought fabrics for the last 5 geese blocks.

I am excited to get started on it again! Off I go to play a bit longer in my sewing room! 

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

For my Neighbour!

My neighbour reminded me today that it has been a long time since I blogged. She wondered what I have been working on and although she is welcome to come see anytime I will save her the long trip across the driveway! She was right-it has been quite a while since I blogged...I have been working quite hard on my hexagon fact almost every night is spent in front of it, trying to get as much quilted as possible.

See that door behind my quilt frame?

That is our seasonal front porch and where we love to have morning coffee, read a good book and watch the town drive by. We open it up in April and close it up in October. This weekend we will get it opened up again for the summer, but my quilt is in the way so I'll be taking it off the frame this weekend and finishing it in the hoop.

Up in my sewing room I have been working on these pink and brown blocks.

I started off with a collection of pink and brown fat quarters. Two fat quarters will make 8 blocks total- 4 of each combination.

Here is what I have done so far by just finding a little sewing time here and there...and don't forget to multiple each block by 4- that's 48 blocks done!

I also have the rest of the combinations started and ready to finish.

When I am done it will be another 40 blocks!

And good news...another week and I'll be at a quilt shop...that means fabric for my flying geese!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

7 More Blocks!

I am now needing to go fabric shopping!Yeah!!!
 I used up all my fabrics set aside for the Wild Goose Chase blocks. I got 7 more blocks done this week...that leaves just 5 blocks more...

I still have lots of sewing to make the sashings so I will start sewing those flying geese. Here's a look at the piles all cut out. I just cut up all the leftovers from the Wild Goose Chase blocks and also smaller bits from my stash that fit in with the 'look' I am after. 

After my last block today I did a bit of cleaning and found this project (again) so it will make an easy sewing project in between all the flying geese I still have to sew. Soon I'll have a few pictures to share of some finished blocks.

Happy Stitching!