Monday, April 30, 2012

FMQ Challenge..April

OK, I am not usually a procrastinator but it seems that this challenge has changed me...I certainly seem to be procrastinating on this. Here it is the last day....again.

This months Free Motion Quilting challenge was fun. I enjoyed the process of marking my 'block' and enjoyed trying to 'follow' a line. Don Linn's method from April's FMQ Challenge was easy and fast. I can see lots of possibilities. Like in the 'feather' month...I was NOT GOOD at freehand feathers. But using this marking method, I can give myself a chance to get used to the motion of a feather.

Here are some of my samples. Some sections of these samples are better than others. I tried quilting clockwise, counter clockwise, forward, backward, sideways....I went in every direction...just to try it.

I discovered that I quilt better clockwise and towards me.

I didn't wash out my blue marks for these samples-after all they are just samples. Looking where I wasn't even close to the lines, I realize that some of those I wouldn't even notice if the blue line was I keep that in mind as I continue to practice...and I remember that we are our own worst critic.

 What will help me get better?

Practice! Practice! Practice!

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  1. Another month has gone by and I still haven't stitched any of the samples. Ok, maybe this month. Though I did stitch feathers on my current project (sorta feathers if that counts). i did pretty good following the blue lines. Practice really does help.