Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh my poor knees!

Yesterday was a basting day! It's always a bit of a production because I have to move the dining room table into the living room for the day to get enough room to spread out a quilt.

It was also a sad day because it was the end of a package of my favourite basting needles. I broke the last needle just 5 minutes into basting the first quilt.

I have had this package of needles for close to 15 years and they have seen me through basting many, many quilts. They are slightly flexible and after a time get a little bent but that just seemed to make basting easier.

Now that the last needle has broken , I am trying out a new brand of basting needles ...Roxanne's. They are OK, but they have no bend in them. It will take a while to get used to them but they did the job.

Here is the backing of the first quilt. I had one leftover block and some scraps left. It worked out well because I didn't quite have enough flannel for the whole backing.

The brown and pink quilt is now all ready for quilting. I am going to machine quilt this. It will be good practice for some of my new free motion machine quilting skills (if I can call them skills already). This quilt is about 60"x72".

This next quilt was made from all my hand dyed fabrics that I did a long time ago. It measures about 55"x65".

It is going to be hand quilted with black thread. I have done so much 'big stitching' lately I hope I remember how to do fine hand quilting. I am really out of practice using those little needles. Hopefully it is like riding a bicycle!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Beautiful quilts Ann. I love the pink and brown one, my favorite color combination.