Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Paper Piecing is a Dangerous Thing!

I just realized that it has been a while since I posted...a hazard of Christmas coming and having a few secret projects. I have been slowly working away at some things I can show though!

First though, I thought I would show where my awl landed while I was picking out the paper from the Christmas quilt I have been working on. I dropped it right between my feet- missed my right foot by an inch. I think I was lucky it missed because I am sure it would have stuck quite nicely in my foot!

But look at the results! I made enough blocks to make two Bows and Boughs quilts (from the current McCall's Quilting magazine)

I was hoping to get one done by December 1st to hang in the kitchen but seeing that tomorrow is December 1st, I am thinking I may be looking at next December 1st!

The other one will be a gift for next year ( I am hoping my brother will forget all about this by next year!)

My big stitch quilt is coming along too.

I have just one side left to quilt and then I'll be ready to test it for winter napping. I can't wait!

Back to my workshop I go!
Happy Stitching!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas is least in my sewing room! I've been busy finishing my needle punched ornaments that have been 2 years in the making. Here they all are lined up and waiting to go to new homes! They are so cute!

They are the perfect size to hang on a tree or perhaps a doorknob...

I also started a new Christmas wall hanging for the kitchen quilt rack.

This wall hanging is from the newest issue of McCall's quilting magazine. It is all paper pieced trees and presents. I have all the presents cut out so far. It is a great way to use up smaller Christmas fabric scraps!

The first block is made!

I think it will be a quick sew and it is going to be so cute!

Christmas really is my favourite time of year. I love how (most) people are happier and friendlier. And I love making gifts for people I care about. I think mostly it is appreciated. I am lucky that many people I care about appreciate the work and time and love that goes into making a gift.

So back I go to my sewing room...

Happy Stitching!

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's the time of year for secrets!

I've had a VERY productive bit of time off. I have spent almost the whole week in my sewing room working on a few projects. Even the weather cooperated to keep me inside....

The main project I have been working on is a big is that time of year. I'm allowed some secrets! And this one I am not telling anyone about. But I will give a is part of my cleanup!

While I was in my sewing room and looking for things I stumbled upon a bin and looked inside and discovered some half finished needle punched Christmas tree decorations I had forgotten about.

I got organized and made some tea dye, took a leap of faith and sprayed them down with my tea solution. And oh my, they seemed a little dark. But I left them to dry and now they are looking not too bad. Next time though I will make the tea solution a little weaker.

Now I have to find some backing and get them finished. Hopefully I will get them done by the end of the weekend!

My redwork Santa Christmas stocking is all traced and ready to go. For the tracing I used a red .01 Pigma pen. The line is quite fine and very easy to see.

I read a little online about redwork and embroidery and if I should be stabilizing my fabric or even if I would like the batting (a very thin thermore) under it when I stitched. I did a quick sample of all 3...

The interfaced sample...I used a very lightweight interfacing...

It was easy to stitch through but it was also easy to miss the hole to go back down. Another problem was that the fabric had lost most of it's natural stretch so you couldn't really pull to help the stitches lie flatter.

Next is the batting....

I found I had to be pretty careful to get my stitches back in the right hole with the batting as well. Even though the batting was very thin, it still added too much bulk. And it was too puffy looking.

Finally the fabric by itself...

Now that was more like it! Great stitches! I think I found my method!

And, just fyi, I used 2 strands of floss for all my samples.

I am planning on going quilting this week with a local group who meets on Mondays. I'll be bringing my stocking to work on. Hopefully I'll get a really good start on it.

And finally....

I have noticed a few bloggers getting excited about making knitted Christmas balls. Well, the excitement rubbed off on me...look what came in the mail yesterday!!!!

Now I am waiting for the wool I ordered to arrive. I hope it's soon. I can't wait to get started!

I have a few days left of sewing room bliss so off I go...

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

This one is for me!

I find that I give so much of what I make away so when I bought the pattern for the Margo Handbag from Lazy Girl Designs I decided it was for me to keep! This was one of the best patterns I have ever bought. It was clear and had lots of great detail pictures so you knew exactly how it should be looking. All I had to do was follow the steps, one by one, and I got this fabulous bag! I can't say enough great things about this pattern!

Here are my pieces all made and ready to start assembling!

I found another use for the highlighter tape. I needed to mark my 1/4" seam while using my zipper foot. The best thing was that it peels right off when I'm done. (Sticky notes never worked well for right hand always catches them and pulls them off)


The Margo bag has lots of pockets!

And here it is all done!

I plan to make another one of these bags for myself. It is perfect for a taking to work bag!

Now I start a week off work and I plan on starting my Christmas stocking and maybe a few Christmas presents too!

Happy Stitching!