Sunday, October 9, 2011

Back in my Sewing Room!

It was a long hot summer without much time in my sewing room and now I am back! Over the last week I have been working on one of the projects I bought while I was away on my holiday- the Bow Tucks Bag.

As it turned out I had bought enough fabric to make 2 bags! Here are the outside pieces and linings.

And the finished bags!

...and details of the bows and tucks!


What a cute bag!
Two someones I know will enjoy them...yes they are gifts!

I did have some difficulties...I had forgotten that my sewing machine does not like Guttermann Polyester thread. It never has...even right after a cleaning and with a new needle. I had thought I had gotten rid of all my old thread long ago. I did not even think about it when I looked for blue thread for the handles. I am not close to a thread store (at least 1-1/2 hours away) and had forgotten to buy blue thread with the fabric so I was making due.

And here is what I got...

Yuck! It is only on the back and only on the handles (I changed thread as soon as I noticed it).
  I left it as it was warts and all. I decided it was part of the bag's charm...yes I am telling myself that.

Now I am going to start sewing my strips together from my scrap quilt I had started just before I went on holidays. I am so in love with this fabric I almost hate to cut into it, but this quilt has a purpose I think. It may be a is that season for thinking about Christmas a bit!

Happy Stitching!

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