Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I have a LITTLE guilt....

I had a great weekend sewing and cut into some of the fabric I bought while I was away to finish piecing this quilt. I love this fabric and had a very hard time slicing into it.

So here is a confession of my guilt. This quilt was going to be a Christmas present (and I will not say for whom) but after piecing it I think I need to keep it for myself. As soon as it was done I could see myself all wrapped up in it for a winter's nap. I can almost feel the flannel backing (I have to go shopping for that!) and see the quilting. And it is the perfect nap size- 60" x 67".

This one will be another big stitched quilt so it will hopefully be ready to use by the time the cold part of winter arrives.

So I am thinking a clam shell pattern with a nice brown pearl cotton.

And although I will not get another quilt made before Christmas to replace this one I will begin work on it's replacement for next Christmas...

And in the meantime, and despite my selfishness, maybe a little Christmas spirit has found me after all...

Happy Stitching!

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