Friday, May 21, 2010

And the winner is....

I am so excited to announce the winner of EQ7!!! Ever since this contest started all I wanted was for it to end so I could email someone and say...You WIN!!!!

I was thrilled that so many quilters came to my blog and entered the EQ7 contest and so many more sent me designs and pictures of quilts! I have spent hours browsing your blogs and you all are so wonderful!

Here are all the entries! It doesn't look like many but it was!

So I know you are excited to know who won but first I want to introduce my Dad  who did the actual picking, so here he is picking the winner (and he made the woodturned bowl by the way- I'm just a little proud!).

And the winner is....a very excited...

Marguerite a.k.a. Rafael's Mum

Congratulations Marguerite! I am so very happy for you!

Happy EQ7ing!


  1. What a beautiful bowl. I LOVE it!

  2. WOW !! Thank you Ann!! I can't believe I have won! This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much and a huge thank you to your dad for picking my lucky number (even though he doesn't know me!).

    I love his bowl, that must take such a lot of work and craftmanship. It's beautiful! A crafty dad as well as a crafty daughter!

    Thank you again. I'm over the moon!

  3. congratulation rafaels mum.....I am sure you will get alot of enjoyment out of it, although i have never used it myself. Ann is my niece and my brother in law makes the mosto beautiful bowls. i have a few of them myself. he made some with quilt blocks on them. he is quite amazing.

  4. Thanks for your congrats! I am thrilled!! (Fireworks on my blog!!). On the bowls...that's amazing! quiltblocks on bowls, that has got to be a hit!! Has he got a blog showing them all off?

  5. Congratulations to Rafael's Mum, I hope you enjoy the EQ7 program. Kudos to Ann for hosting the contest....and to your Dad for that amazing bowl.

  6. Congrat's to Rafael's Mum...How wonderful for her!