Thursday, May 27, 2010

All about remembering....

I really enjoyed 'The Quilt Show - Episode 108'. Memory and memorial quilts are such a wonderful way to express caring and affection for others. For this episode I made Alex Anderson's block and created this quilt. It is not a memory quilt exactly. I am calling it 'Virtues' . In all the 'signature' areas I've written a virtue that means something to me.

I simply used Word and found a font I liked, adjusted the size to fit and traced on the quilt with a Pigma pen.

I used Segoe Script for my font and loved it! It has a bit of a handwritten feel to it I think.

It is a lovely little quilt and am very pleased with it. I still haven't decided how I would like to quilt it so that will wait until I figure it out.

Many years ago, I made a friendship (signature) quilt for my Mom when my parents started travelling after they retired. It lived on their fifth wheel bed for many years. I couldn't find a picture of it to share with you but I know I've got one somewhere.

My tip if you are going to make a memory quilt is...if you have to send blocks away to get signed allow yourself A LOT of extra time. It can be challenging to get those blocks back. But it was a wonderful gift that still means the world to my Mom. She loves to be wrapped up with all her family and friend's caring words.

Back to the show...
Alex and Ricky's guest, Mary Fisher was indeed an inspiration for so many reasons. I am always amazed when people touched by a challenging life can rise above those challenges and make a real difference in the world. I`m not sure that I could. She demonstrated block printing. I did that in school so many years ago. Even my brother remembered me doing it! I looked everywhere for my art work. I was sure I had kept it and would have loved to shown it...but it seems to be gone...

I am waiting for supplies to arrive (they are in the mail!) and I am looking forward to trying it again! This will work well for cardmaking as well. While I wait I am going to go on the next Quilt Show - episode #109 with Piping Hot Curves! I am so EXCITED!!!!! I have been wanting to try this out since I first saw this episode a couple of years ago.

Happy stitching!


  1. I love the quilt and what a great idea. I want to do that.....You never cease to amaze me. I have the border material that you used. I am going to put this as one of my future quilts. Have a good day.

  2. I love this quilt Ann. What a wonderful idea for the perfect gift for someone special. I may just have to put this one in my "to-do" pile as well as all the others you have posted!!!! Thanks.

  3. I just love the quilt..It is such a neat idea!