Friday, August 29, 2014

A little machine quilting!

I finished the quilt!!! I looked back and found that I had basted it way back in October 2013...a long, long time ago.
It has been a while since I machine quilted and I am definitely out of practice! It didn't take me long to realize I had to pay attention...and here is what I figured out while quilting.
I need a new free motion quilting with a closed toe. I use water soluble thread to baste and I love it but my open toe foot keeps catching the thread and that means not very consistent stitch sizes and even pulled stitches.
I have to shift my quilt quite often (more often than I think I do) so it is not pulling and getting caught on the table extension corners and desk corners. All that gives me is inconsistent stitches
Take frequent stretch breaks. I know I want to get it done but rushing it will not give consistent stitches! Getting fatigued means not paying attention.
Pay attention to the density of the quilting. I found my stitching was further apart in the beginning and as time went on I was stippling a bit closer together.
 It's not too bad but it is worth paying attention too!
Most of all...don't just motor along.
Good machine quilting requires a person to pay attention to your speed and your stitch length.
It is all about consistent stitches!  
Over all, I am pleased with this effort and because I took the time to pay attention to the details I know my next quilt will be much better. I am on the road to improving my machine quilting!
Happy Stitching!

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