Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Machine Applique and Santa Hat Love!

It as taken a while but I am finally ready to try some new machine applique techniques. I have dabbled in machine applique every once in a while but never enough to really know if there is that one technique that works better for me than others.
 So I decided to make 3 little quilts.
This first one has little 5" blocks and is all fused. Here are all the blocks fused and ready for stitching. I am loving the neutrals on the blue!  
The edges are all buttonhole stitched down. I still have lots to do and some embellishing as well but I already know that fused applique is not for me as a general applique method. It does have it's place but I find it flat - especially as someone who loves hand applique.
 I am sure the embellishing and the quilting will make a difference...
Next up - turned edge machine applique. I'll be trying the starch method and also the method Kim Diehl uses by ironing the seam allowance down to the shiny side of freezer paper. Then I'll try both clear thread and matching thread to stitch it down. I am not trying glued edges - I just can't bring myself to put that much glue in my quilt - sorry to all those quilters who love glue!
I am looking forward to finding a method I can really enjoy so I can get back to applique - I have a few in my queue including the Civil War Bride Quilt.
Although I know I will miss all the handwork I used to be able to do at least I am still able to enjoy making quilts - just with different techniques.
And I loved that Santa hat so much that here are six more!
Happy Stitching!

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  1. I'm not a fan of fusible applique either... some folks like the way the fabric "melts" into the background... i like the natural look of the turned edge. I've used the Kim Diehl method and thought it worked pretty well. I did use some small dots of applique glue on the small pieces (it washes out), but mostly used those tiny metal applique pins to hold it in place... and a chop stick to kelp guide while sewing the machine stitches. :-) Have fun and enjoy the learning process!