Saturday, October 25, 2014

Time for a Catch Up!

A month has gone by...already....I had not thought I had been doing much but looking back on the month I have gotten a bit done to show!
First I basted the next quilt to be machine quilted...
 I moved from a home with fabulous carpet and underlay to a home with hard floors. Basting is a killer on the knees on a hard floor. I bought myself a new tool...knee pads! I found these great knee pads with a hard plastic shell so you actually slide a bit and don't get stuck to your quilt! 
Not the best photo of my knees! But at least my knees are happy!
I set up my Mom's old feather weight sewing machine and started sewing a little quilt together using just the scraps from that churn dash I just finished. It is such a cute machine. I set it up on the kitchen counter so I could piece and keep my other machine set up for machine quilting. It is working out well so far.
Here is the finished quilt. It measures 15"x 24". I am smitten with it!
Then I started a new project...
I have had this spray starch and have always meant to try it to see if I like using it on my quilting fabric so I sprayed a bunch of scraps for my next little project.
I printed off a sheet of hexagons on cardstock...
I've been busy basting...and so far have not been minding the spray starch at all.
And I'm also going to get started on another new project...a giant apple core quilt! I had bought a fat quarter pack and had a thought that it would make a great apple core quilt. I should be able to get 3 apple cores from each fat quarter with careful arranging!
Hopefully I'll update my progress a little sooner...
Happy Stitching!

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