Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A day to catch up!

I have a day off work and a bit of time to just play and get caught up!
I've gotten all my hexagons pieced and pinned to the backgrounds.
Now I have to hand sew them on...
One down..eleven to go...
To get ready to cut my apple cores out, I made my own cardboard template with a bit of glue and 2 layers of cereal box cardboard. I glued the pattern on the first box, let it dry and cut it out with scissors. One layer at a time is easy to cut. Then I glued the second layer of cardboard down, let it dry and cut it out...
On the back I added some adhesive backed sandpaper to prevent slipping on my fabrics.
My template is ready to go. I like using my small rotary cutter with curved templates.  It is much easier to navigate and also easier to avoid cutting into your template.
Because this is a tight fit on my fat quarters I cut out two paper patterns just to help lay out where everything is going...
I'm all cut and ready to play with the layout!
I also got ready backings and batting to baste two quilts!
I hear my sewing machine calling my name.....
Happy Stitching!

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  1. I used to have an acrylic apple core template. I used the very small rotary cutter with it. It was easy to sew the shapes together as it had a gentle curve.