Thursday, July 18, 2013

Do you hear the sigh?

It is a sigh of great happiness! I am sure the whole world must have heard...I finished painting my floor in my sewing room!
And better yet, I have my sewing room all organized and look what I found!!!
My sewing machine!
But that wasn't all...I also found my ironing board and iron again. Oh, how I missed them!
So, tonight I snuck in a little sewing time. I couldn't help myself.
I also made a new rule for myself tonight. No more charm packs (no matter how charming they are!)unless I have a project in mind and I also buy all the borders and binding and sashing...whatever I need to finish the quilt. 
This sweet little thing is my needle turn applique practice quilt and I made it from two charm packs. I do not have a single red or blue fabric in my stash that goes with this that I can use for borders. It is a complete mystery to me how that can happen! I'm in the city this weekend, so I guess this means a trip to the quilt shop. Always a fun thing to do but I am trying to use what I have until I have a little less.
Next week hopefully I will have borders on this little quilt!
Happy Stitching!

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