Tuesday, January 24, 2012

FMQ Challenge

I finally started practicing my free motion quilting! Part of the reason I am doing this challenge from SewCalGal is to get much better at FMQ. And then when I do I can get some of my UFO's quilted! After this months' practicing, I know I need a lot more!

I have learned a few things already...
The most important is that in the past I have always rushed through machine quilting. I have to stop and re-think learn to do this well I have to take my time and realize that this is not a race to the finish- in other words enjoy the process.

Then take the time to really get your needle right and your tension balanced. What a difference that makes! In the past I have tweaked it but always said it was good enough when I got it looking 'ok'. We don't want the back to look like this!

For right now I am using up fabrics and threads I know I will not be using in any quilt. 
Here is my first practice!

And from the shows it a bit better. I had some fun playing.

Then, because I love to make something even when I am practicing, I quilted these to make some barrel bags. I added some loops in between the leaves.

And the finished bags... they are so cute!

One more important thing- when you get tired, stop. Your stitches will just get sloppy and you'll feel frustrated- that is experience talking!

I have already noticed that my stitches are getting more consistent. And I already have tried some threads I didn't like (too thick) , but they'll be fine for practicing.

I have some more practicing to do before February's challenge!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Good job on your machine quilting! I need to get busy on mine. I've been drawing on a dry erase board. This is a hard shape for me. No idea why.