Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Everything done but the stocking...

I finally have my new Christmas wall hanging up on the quilt rack!
This weekend I got the machine quilting done.

I found a fabulous variegated thread in my stash perfect for Christmas.

I decided I wanted to just do a 60 degree grid. I figured it would look good with the trees and presents being longer than they are wide.I lined up the first quilting line and just marked it with masking tape.

After the first quilt line was sewn it was easy to stay on track using my handy foot attachment! My lines stayed a wonderful 2-1/2 inches apart. I love that attachment!


Not just one, but with red binding and one with green...guess which one I kept?

I just know my brother will love his new wall hanging (next Christmas)!

Merry Stitching!


  1. These two quilts are just wonderful! Happy Holidays!

  2. Beautiful as usual Ann... you always do such an amazing job! Love these quilts!