Sunday, August 14, 2011

Something Old, Something New!

Let's begin with the old... just a couple of years in the making so far!

I finally starting to work on my hexagon quilt again after quite a long time away from it.

I had been searching for the background fabric and until I found it it had just stalled my enthusiasm! But I think this fabric will work wonderfully for the diamonds and triangles that go between the hexagons. I'll start cutting my freezer paper templates soon. For now I still have some hexagons to sew together.

And now for something with a bit of old and a bit of new....

I noticed a while ago that my 'old' scrap pile is growing and growing and growing. I really don't like it when it gets too big. It becomes overwhelming and too much work to go through it if I'm just looking for a little scrap of something.

 I found a great project to start! So I have started pressing the scraps.

 The plan is to cut the darks and mediums into 1-1/2" strips. I'll post more as it comes together!

And finally something new... but just in the planning stages.

I photocopied my 10 degree ruler to see how I could create a design in each wedge.

So far this is what I have...flying geese! I was playing with the proportions and now that it looks pleasing I'll draft it in EQ7 so I can play with color. The largest goose is 2" tall and the smallest just 1/4" tall. I can hardly wait to see the possibilities!

When the 36 wedges are together it will make a 50 inch circle. My plan is to have an applique border all around it but that is a long way from this stage!

I hope you enjoyed a peek of what is to come!

Happy Stitching!

Hexagon quilt
planning ruler

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