Monday, August 1, 2011

Long Weekend Marathon!

No...not a running marathon...a sewing marathon!

My attic sewing room gets a little hot in the summer (that could be why I haven't posted anything for a month!) but I had only 9 Wagon Wheel blocks left to do so this weekend I was determined to get them done. I LOVE these blocks! I can hardly wait to start quilting this, but I still have a bit to do before I get to that stage.

Now I have some borders to cut and sew. The inner border is a piano key border made from whatever scraps I have left. I am hoping there are enough scraps left without dipping into my stash and introducing new fabric to the mix.

Next coming weekend I will get started on the borders and maybe start arranging the 25 blocks. I love it when a quilt gets to this stage...I can feel the anticipation!

I did get my triangle exchange quilt back from the long arm quilter. I am pleased with it ( but not pleased with this picture- I missed most of the border so I cropped it a bit).

I find though that when I have one of my quilts machine quilted by someone, I just am not all that attached to the quilt. I think for me it means much more if I do the work from beginning to end.

You can't really tell from this picture but the quilting design is an all over feather pattern. It is quite nice and suits the quilt. I'll try to take a couple better pictures soon, including a close up.

Next up... I'll have borders to show!

Happy Stitching!

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