Thursday, January 17, 2019

So many projects!

I have been slowly bringing out UFO's to work on and get done. So right now I have 5 projects on the go and soon to be 6 ( I need a new 'going to my dad's project' to work on).

  • Dear Jane
  • Civil War Bride Quilt
  • Scrappy Tumblers ( a story for this one)
  • Use up a Jelly Roll project
  • Quilt as you go Pineapple quilt

The Dear Jane and the Civil War Bride are both long term projects. I have a few new blocks to show. The Dear Jane has 4 more blocks done and about  12 printed for prepping. 
I am using the Dear Jane software from EQ. 

And one more block is done for the Civil War Bride quilt, with two more blocks started. 
They are still in the prep stage! 

The scrappy tumblers were a surprise from my favorite quilter (aka my Aunt Sharon!) Her and her friends had gotten together and cut a bunch of tumblers with the accuquilt. She sent me a bag full, some were pieced in groups of two and some were just singles still. I have them all pressed and ready to sew! 
It is so much fun playing with other peoples scraps!!!!!

I'm lifting part of my sewing room floor in the next while because I have a major squeak. I don't know yet if it is the laminate or the sub floor. I am preparing for the worst and setting myself up to sew in the dining room for a while. This tumbler quilt will be perfect for working on while my sewing room is mostly out of commission!

I also have an old jellyroll - you know one of those that you look at and wonder "What was I thinking that day!" Well I saw a nine patch variation on Pinterest and it gave me an idea. 
So I am going to start that too! Photos to follow...

 I am also going to start quilting my pineapple blocks. The quilt is going to be way to big to work on the whole thing so I decided to try a quilt as you go. Instead of doing individual blocks , I am going to put them together 2x2 and see how that goes. I plan to use up some old fabrics for the backing so  might have to do some piecing to get large enough ( I need about 32" square).

And finally, my favorite Aunt Sharon also sent me a cute little Christmas project to just has to be framed. It was so much fun - all pre-printed!

I'll wait until Christmas though so I can see it there are any cute Christmas frames available! 
It fits into an 8x10 frame.

Happy Stitching!


  1. That is a gorgeous applique block!
    Quilt as you go is a method I have never tried. I'll be interested to know what you think about it.
    Very cute stitchery.

  2. I too am going back to some projects that were shoved to the side part way through the making. Most are ones I really like so it seems odd that I would quit working on them.
    The stocking piece you embroidered is cute, cute. You didn't let any grass grow under your feet on this one.