Friday, March 13, 2015

Oh No!

Although I've been busy quilting away on my applique quilt, I am NOT going to get it done for the quilt show at the end of April...especially now...a finger injury... on my thimble finger..
I've just started the borders and there is a lot more work than I thought!
And I would rather enjoy the process than rush through it.
There is always another quilt show...
I have been working on a few other things as well. I am needle punching this cute snowman for a Christmas gift (yes, I am already making presents) Don't look to close - it's the back and I am MESSY! The fun thing about needle punch is that you can get something done fast.
And this quilt is ready to start putting the rows together.
After this is done I am ready for a challenge.
And a weird thing happened. I dropped my scissors and this is how they landed!
Now that just doesn't happen every day so I thought I'd better record it in history!
Happy Stitching!


  1. The quilting you do have done looks very good. Sorry about the finger and keeping your from getting the quilt done when planned.

  2. So sorry to hear about your finger. Hope it heals up fast. Your quilt will be beautiful. Enjoying the process is important. I have never tried needle punching. You have a cute Christmas design. Your quilt in the last picture is coming along great too. And wow, your scissors landing right side up like that is amazing. Take care.