Friday, April 4, 2014

A Special Request

Some time ago my Aunt asked me to fix a quilt my Mom had made for her many years ago. I had been dreading it a bit...partly because it was a quilt my Mom had made in love and the thought of it being me working on it reminds me that my Mom is no longer with me and partly because I was just procrastinating on figuring out the best way to go about taking the block that needed repairs apart!

My Mom made quilts for each of her sisters. This I believe was the first 'sister' quilt and it was made just a couple years after she began quilting. It was completed in 1997. The background fabric was a woven tea towel by the looks of it. It certainly had character but didn't stand up to the love this quilt has seen.

I carefully removed the quilting stitches from around the appliques and the stitching from the appliques, basting the edges as I went to stabilize them as much as I could. Then I cut the background off carefully right at the seam line.
There were sections I couldn't get the stitching out of so I just cut away the background as well as I could.

My plan was to applique a new background piece just on the original seam lines and then reapply the appliques.
Here it is pinned and ready to finish!
After sewing all the appliques in place I added some quilting stitches and I was least that part.
The quilt also had a house block that had some yo-yo flowers. They had become...interesting!
I steamed them a bit and flattened them a bit and just tacked them down along the edges.
So the quilt is fixed and on it's way travels...
Happy Stitching!


  1. Beautiful work, Ann, restoring a treasure. Hope you are seeing signs of Spring.

  2. Very nice Ann. I am sure your aunt will be very appreciative! And it must have been very touching to work on something you mom made with so much love! Take care.