Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Inspired by Ricky Tims!

I just got back from Calgary where I spent a day enjoying Ricky Tims!
I feel completely inspired. We got to touch, look, take pictures and of course learn. He is such an inspiring speaker and teacher. Yes I had my camera, but I was so enjoying the seminar, I didn't even think to take it out of the bag until I was coming home.
And what would a such a day be without picking up a few hand dyes?
They are WAY more beautiful than this picture shows. The two top fabrics are very "Ricky-like" fabrics...full of color variation and the two at the bottom read mostly solid.
And what might I use them for? Not a clue...yet but I think a little hand applique might be in their future!
And of course I picked up his machine quilting DVD.
And here is a look in the goodie bag!
Now I want to stay home and QUILT!!!!
Actually, I have always wanted to make a Rhapsody quilt and I am even more inspired to do so now. In fact, the book just landed at the top of my book pile.
So the theme for the day was "inspired"!
Happy Stitching!

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