Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ufo's and a Little Planning

What always happens when I clean my sewing room is that I unearth a few forgotten UFO's. That is what happened this week. So while I wait for a day to get some basting done, I got back to quilting this little mini Dresden Plate.
I had forgotten how cute it is!
I have also been anticipating a little cooler weather and had to get these mitts done...
They are perfect for fall and early winter!
Now for the this winter I am hand quilting my applique quilt I just finished and have been giving some thought to what I wanted to do with my wagon wheel quilt. It is very rustic so my first thought was to big stitch it. Then my second thought was that I wasn't sure if the quilting design I had in mind would work with big I did a test.
The quilt....
The quilting design....
The test...half in regular quilting and half in big stitching. I used regular hand quilting thread for the hand quilted side (dark stitches) and Sulky Blendables in 12wt for the big stitching (light stitches).
I was pleased to find out the big stitching looked great! I did make the stitches a bit smaller that usual and I think it did make a difference!
Here is where the stitching is going...
Now to find the perfect color. I am hoping to find a variegated brown...perhaps a bit 'rusty'. I'll be in a few quilt shops at the end of the month so I'm hoping to find what I'm looking for. I usually mail order thread but it is tough matching colors that way. I hope to find the perfect color!
These two quilting projects should keep me busy the whole winter!
Happy Stitching!


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