Sunday, September 9, 2012

Testing 1,2,3

It's cleaned, oiled and working...
After the maintenance, I decided to make a quick little quilt to test it out before taking it to quilting. It is going to be my machine that I take to quilting on Mondays and to quilting weekends as well. The stitching was good and the tension was easy to was looking good!
There were a couple things I had to get used to...a smaller foot pedal and it has a manual presser foot lever. I think I have been spoiled by my regular sewing machine.
I had sewn almost all the components together before I realized that my seam allowance was out. The machine came with two 1/4" feet...and the one I used wasn't quite right. Despite that the quilt turned out cute!
After I finished I thought I had better do a seam allowance test.
Foot #1
Foot #2 (the one I didn't use for my test quilt)
It was right here is the winning foot...
I like the feet with the guide on the side so I may look into getting one for my Featherweight but this one will do for now!
Happy Stitching!

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