Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little purses and socks!

They are done! And I will never, ever make them again! I am so glad I only bought 2 of each frame. It took me 2+ evenings to sew those frames in...

Here is the comparison of frames and sizes.

And a small purse full of coins...

So was it worth it? Perhaps....they are a quite cute!

It has been too hot to hand quilt and even to have my applique quilt on my lap, so I started a new pair of knitted socks for my Dad. I took all the leftover wool from the socks I have made him over the last few years and did some stripes...and it's a fast knit pair of socks!

These will keep his feet warm for the winter.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Yeah! They are done and they are beautiful! I really love them Ann. Nice job!

  2. Those purses are wonderful!!!! I would love to try making some purses like yours!

  3. Cute purses Ann. I wouldn't have the patience to make them. Love your work as usual.