Thursday, March 10, 2011

One quilt done!

I finished binding the quilt I wanted for my bed. Two more quilts to go! This one is a history of my 20 years of quilting so every time I look at it I think...'I used that fabric in a quilt I made for ...' I realized I have made A LOT of quilts for people I care about.

I am enjoying the memories!

And to feed my current sock knitting addiction, I started a new pair of socks.

I'll give all the details and a better picture when I am done the pair!

This weekend I am hoping to finish a little spring quilt in the hopes that it will please the weather gods and spring will make it's way here!

Happy Stitching!


  1. The quilt is beautiful and looks great on the bed. Neat layout for such a simple block and as a result shows a great way to show off nine patches. Love it.

  2. oh I love this quilt, scrappy quilts just warm my heart! isn't it fun to see the fabrics and remember where else you used that fabric!

  3. Ann, that quilt is stunning. What memories it must bring you everytime you look at it. It is beautiful, I love it! Way to go!

  4. Ann, I love this quilt....I love your ideas I want to make them all. I also love your socks.

  5. I really love this quilt! It is sooo beautiful in its simplicity and has wonderful memories too!