Monday, November 29, 2010

My Favourite Snips and More Farmer`s Wife

It was a very sad day in my sewing room favourite thread snippers are on their last legs.

The spring is not working well and the little clip that closes it is loose and catches when it is not supposed to. I have had my beloved thread snips for well more than 10 years, maybe closer to 15. 
At least Fiskars still makes them so they can be replaced! I'm on the lookout!

While I was fighting with the snips. I was working on some more of the Farmer`s Wife blocks.

When I first got the book, I drafted all the blocks into my EQ7. I had bought fat quarter packs of Thimbleberries Village Green fabrics in Dawn, Dusk and Midnight so I downloaded all the fabric swatches for them to use in EQ7. My thought was to preplan all the blocks but I have ended up just grabbing from the pile. It is great though to have a general feel for the project right in my EQ7.

 My Aunt Sharon`s class is doing Blocks # 8, 18, 80 and 90 so I got right to it ths weekend.

The class is only doing 24 blocks in all, and I plan to make the queen size quilt so I have started from Block #1 and will slowly do them all. I did #6 and #7 yesterday as well. That's 14 blocks done!

I have plans for three more blocks today and a bit more Christmas present making as well!

Happy Stitching!


  1. I like your random fabric choices for your blocks. Maybe if you put your scissor choice on your Christmas Wish List Santa might find them. Yours certainly lasted a very long time especially considering how much you use them. Love your stuff Ann.

  2. Hello from Alberta! I just found your blog and love it! The quilt you are designing is lovely and the colors are so yummy. Thanks for sharing it with us
    Have a Happy Day!