Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's Sock Season!

Along with quilting I also love to knit! I haven't touched a knitting needle since February but with winter on the way I suddenly felt the urge to get working on a pair of socks! As I was sorting my sock yarn, I realized I had enough for 11 pairs plus a few more pairs of thicker socks. I know there are MUCH bigger sock yarn stashes than this, but for me it is a lot.

That will keep me going in socks for a while! But I still find myself browsing online for more. So far I have resisted. Do you think I may have a sickness?

So here is my first pair for this year...I made them to fit me but I have enough so I think I'll be passing these on to someone who might enjoy them for the winter. Although you can't see them well because of the striped wool, they have a diagonal pattern. Want to make them? Find them on Ravelry...they are called Anastasia Socks.

I have already begun pair #2. These ones ( also from Ravelry) are No Purl Monkey Socks. I don't normally make the same socks twice but this pattern is an easy knit for a striped yarn that won't show much pattern.

Maybe socks will end up being this years Christmas gifts!

Happy stitching!

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  1. Oh I love those socks Ann, they look so cozy and warm.... nice job!