Sunday, September 26, 2010

My new most favourite notion!

This week I pulled out from my drawer, a box of pins that I have had at least 2 years and more than likely longer than that. I have never tried them in all this what have I finally tested and now can't live without?

Clover Fork Pins!

I've been working away at my Churn Dash quilt and decided to try using them where you butt your seams up together. I have to thank Annie Smith. She showed off these pins when she was on "The Quilt Show- Episode 209" and I realized that I had those pins.

They were amazing! Every single seam match is perfect - nothing slipped. I do have to admit to a couple of mishaps though...

I must confess that I am a pin bulldozer. I just sew right over them with wonderful abandon and it is not too often I bend a pin or break a needle, until these fork pins...2 pins bent and 1 needle broken in 3 seams. Not a good record. So I changed my ways and as I reach a pin, I slow my machine right down and I am ready to stop it and grab the wheel if necessary. After that I have a perfect record!

So now I wonder how many other notions do I own that are amazing and I don't know it yet?

Happy Pinning!


  1. That has to be my next purchase. Those look amazing Ann, thanks for the demo!

  2. Hi Ann

    I did see these advertised not long ago and they look so great. so much easier than trying to get 2 pins in the right place. I must pick some up myself. thanks for the input. I love your ideas and like valery says thanks for the demo. I love your demos. You make everything seem so easy.

  3. I haven't seen them before and wouldn't know where to get them but they do look fab! i do the same with two ordinary pins but this looks so much easier! thanks for posting that!

  4. Those look amazing...I will have to check it out where I can buy them!