Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fat Quarter Prewash Experiment!

To wash or not to wash is a question debated by quilters everywhere. I am a prewasher. I like how the fabric feels after washing and I have had fabrics run...not often but enough. I also like prewashed fabric more for handquilting and I almost never know what I'll use the fabric for when I buy it.

I recently bought a couple of fat quarter packs to make the Farmers Wife Quilt. It's a lot of fat quarters and more than I usually buy at one time.

Then I wondered about prewashing them all. I normally just throw them in with my yardage and I usually only have a couple fat quarters to wash at a time.

I divided them into lights, mediums and darks.

 I pinked the edges of the lights using my pinking rotary cutter.

The mediums I left as they were and for the darks I had read a tip somewhere to sew 2 edges together to form a tube. It was supposed to keep them from tangling.

To the washing machine I went. I used a shortened regular cycle with a warm wash and cool rinse.

And now for the results!

The lights...

The mediums...

The darks...

The strings of thread I cut off...

And the winner is the lights with the pinked edges. I was really surprised with the results. It was a very noticable difference. The lights didn't even tangle up while the mediums and darks both had to be cut apart.

From now on I'll be pinking those edges!

Now I can start that Farmers Wife quilt!


  1. Ann; I can't tell you how many times I have contemplated washing or not washing and I usually stick with the "not washing" decision as I want to get started on my quilt right away. Personally I love working with the fabric when it is "new". This was a very informative blog post for me, thanks!

  2. Thanks for showing us this experiment, its amazing! I will have to be pinking my edges too!

  3. I love the fabrics that you chose..I love samplers!

  4. Thank you for posting this! Mine always end up like your mediums did.