Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I've finally begun!

It was 15 years ago and I had been quilting for just a few years and I HAD to have this book! I really wanted to make the 'Chesapeake Rose' quilt. I seem to recall it was a bit of an obsession.  My Mom and Dad looked everywhere and finally found it for me. I'm not sure now but I think it was a birthday gift.

Well guess who never started the quilt...that's right- me!

Until now.

I decided to do it a bit scrappy. Each block will have one green and one dark rose/red but it will be different for each block. I am using the same background fabric for all the blocks. I may use a different background for the borders though.

Here is my first block done by my prefered method of applique which is freezer paper ironed to the back and basted before I lay my pieces down. I really like to see exactly what it will look like before I start sewing it down. Well this block is big- 24" square and it's a lot of freezer paper between my fingers. I think for the next block I will have to use a different method so I can get rid of the bulky paper.

I am just happy that I am finally working on it.

And now for some show and tell.

I saw Alex Anderson using one of these irons on 'The Quilt Show' and I happened to be in a hobby shop this week and found one. I can't wait until I am home to put it through testing. I love the size. I find those little tiny irons are way too small and don't really press anything well. This one is small enough to sit right beside my sewing machine and big enough to do what I need. The point looks like it will make pressing seams open a breeze. When I am back home in a week or so I'll do a complete test and let you know what I think!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Your block is amazing and I'm sure your quilt will be as beautiful as the one owned by the Smithsonian!

  2. Oh my goodness I remember when you got that book. Your block is beautiful. I know it will be beautiful.

  3. Would love to hear how you like the new mini iron as I am on the hunt for one.

  4. The applique block is beautiful!