Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quilting for my Mom

My Mom had a couple of quilts that she needed quilted. She has had them pieced for quite a while and is unable to quilt right now. Although I really prefer handquilting I've been doing more machine quilting lately.

This one I decided to machine quilt and I used my 2 new best friends.
Friend #1- Water Soluble thread has made my life way nicer for basting but you need to be able to wash the quilt when you are done. No pins! It is a little slippery though and the different brands do make a difference.
Friend #2- My Mom had a pair of Fons and Porter's gloves for machine quilting that I decided to try. What a difference! I had quite a good grip on that quilt and it made everything move nicely. I had more control over the speed that I could move the quilt and a better quilting stitch. I'll be using those again!

And the finished quilt..we still aren't sure what we will do with it but maybe a loved one will end up with it! (So start guessing all our loved ones!)

And as for the second quilt, I am hand quilting it but with the big stitch. When I get a bit more done I'll show and tell. I am also hoping to learn to quilt upwards with my thumb on this one!
Happy Stitching!

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  1. the quilting looks great, I love hand quilting too but sometimes you just have to machine quilt a quilt or two!