Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quilt out of my box with 'The Quilt Show' Challenge

I have always been a traditional quilter and I've been thinking that it's time to get out of my box a bit and try some new techniques. Thanks to my Mom and Dad I have all The Quilt Show DVD's so I will start at the beginning and do as many techniques and projects as I can.

Here are my guidelines I will *try* to follow!
  • If there is a technique I am really not interested in or I already use then I may not do it- this is supposed to be fun!
  • I'm going to use what I have whenever I can.
So let the creativity begin!

The first thing I will do is say sorry to Joe Cunningham from `The Quilt Show` Episode 101. I won't be trying the old fashioned quilt frame for basting. Where I live there are lots of these old fashioned frames around so I know how they work and I don't have room for one in this little house on the prairie. Sorry Joe!

I have been busy working on Episode 102 with Vikki Pignatelli the last couple of days.

I finally found a reason to use my flexible ruler and I wondered why I didn't do this sooner?

This was a very easy technique. One tip is to start cutting the freezer paper templates with a craft knife.

Here are all the pieces cut out and pinned in place and ready to sew. I used a transparent thread for the sewing and that worked well but I like the look of matched thread colors better.

Here is the finished piece front and back. Does it look like a prairie?

The second challenge is to try this piecing method by improvisation. I have learned that I am NOT a free spirit. (Ok I did know this already but this reminded me!) I like seeing how it is going to look on a pattern. For this I chose to cut and sew each piece at a time. I suppose I could have cut and pinned and sewn everything at the end but it seemed a little fussy to me.

Would I do this technique again? Yes to the 'pattern' technique and no to 'improvisation'!

The next challenge...The Quilt Show Episode 103

Oh...and did I say thank you to Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims for such a great show?


  1. Is that ever neet. I think ill wait a while before I try that. You do beautiful work.

  2. I like your prairie piece Ann!

  3. Oh Ann I am not worthy. You do wonderful work and you are not afraid to try anything. I think it's a great idea what you are doing. Yes your work does look like the prairie. Love Aunt Sharon

  4. Love the Prairie curves & colours!

  5. A flexible ruler is the one item I don't have in my vast collection of patchwork and quilting notions!! Now I want one!! Your prairie looks fantastic:-) How was it constructed? Is each layer topstitched onto the other? I'd love to try this out myself!

    Happy Sewing!

  6. Hi Helen, that is exactly how it works! You just turn under your edges, pin and sew down with a zig zag or buttonhole stitch. It really was fun right from the designing to the finishing. I will be doing this technique again!