Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A What Was I Thinking Moment!

Sometimes you do something and afterwards you think "Why didn't I think of that?"

I have been trying a new ways to machine applique. I prefer hand applique but since that is a little hard on my hands now I have been playing with different types of machine applique. I much prefer turned edges so I have tried the apliquick method for this block. I like it except....

I was glue basting my pieces down...I had my light box , the paper pattern and then the background. Here is what happened when I lifted the glue basted block off the paper...

It stuck!!!! Yes, glue can go through your background! I never thought of using some kind of barrier in between. I am thinking I'll try press and seal on my paper pattern for my next block. What do other people do?

I do have a couple finishes too ! This little fall quilt is finally finished. I had been wanting to big stitch it hoping my hands would be able to do that for such a small quilt but no. This is the little quilt that sent my sewing machine to the shop but I finished it on my spare machine and finished the binding this week. It is almost a little late for fall now. We are quickly slipping into winter.

My hexagons are pieced! Now I just have to take all those 3/8" paper out! Once I get at it it won't take long but I'll have to be in the mood! 

And here is a Christmas gift I am able to show. There is a new baby in the family so I made her a Christmas stocking. I originally had a different plan but I decided to use what fabric I had. If I was to do it over I would use a lighter brown for the snowman arms. In person they show up a bit better though! 

And I am still waiting for my sewing machine...They did not find anything obvious for the burning smell so they did a tuneup on it. I had it back for one day but it came back with the tension out of wack so it promptly went back to get that fixed. I'm more than a little frustrated! My tension was perfect when I dropped it off. 

My spare machine is back on my sewing desk so that is where my day will be! 

Happy Stitching! 


  1. Try using an appliqué pressing sheet between your pattern and your background. I was having the same problem as you and now use my pressing sheet. The sheet protects your pattern and wipes right off the pressing sheet with a wet tissue.

  2. What if you were to use one of the teflon pressing sheets over your pattern? The glue would wipe right off of it. Used on a light box, you could see through to your pattern.

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