Tuesday, January 31, 2017

'Nine' is Pieced!

It's pieced! It's pieced! It turned out wonderful!
I can't believe how straight it is considering all those little pieces! And I can't believe how heavy it is.
Now it's time to decide on the quilting. I have narrowed it down to two choices - cross hatching through either the dark or light squares or a small meandering stipple.
After a big project I like to give my sewing room a good cleaning    
 before starting on the next project(s) so I got busy.
In this case I really needed to clean up. I spilled my pins all over a week ago but I was so obsessed with piecing I just kept walking on them.
Warning - graphic pictures below!
I was cleaning under my sewing desk, sitting on the floor when I noticed thread sticking out of the castor feet on my desk chair. I flipped it over...and
After digging out thread, fabric bits, and even a bit of interfacing...
Six feet later I had quite a pile!
I'm not quite finished cleaning but the worst is done. Later today I should be started on my next UFO!
Happy Stitching!


  1. I can't believe I saw this blog. I am making something quite similar and getting tired of making all the tiny nines.........yours is gorgeous and it has stimulated me to soldier on...Just beautiful and congratulations and I just need to be patient FOR A FEW YEARS and hope to have something half as nice some day. GREAT JOB!

    1. Thanks so much! It really is a labor of love but you'll get there too! I'd love to see a picture of yours when it's done!

  2. The quilt is quite wonderful. About a million squares but worth all your effort of cutting and sewing.

    1. Maybe not quite a million but close!!! Thanks!