Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Little Late...

I'm a little late for wishing you all a Merry Christmas but just in time for Happy New Year!
So where have I been?  It was a busy couple of months trying to finish 3 quilts for my 3 stepsons. I got them done and just in time!
Then I went into panic mode to make a gift for a wonderful friend.
Now that the Christmas rush is done I am settling into getting back to a few old projects and getting ready to enjoy some new ones!
Some new first - I love little blocks. I had bought a kit from Primitive Gatherings - Summer Love
They are so cute! I can't stop touching them. All the blocks are ready to assemble.
And I have a pile of fabrics all gathered to start another new project- another Primitive Gatherings pattern called Nine. It's all 1-1/2" nine patches.
I'm not sure if I am crazy or not but it is going to be fabulous!
And for some ongoing projects... my wool angel...all I have left is a little embroidery and then get it into the frame.
And my little 1/4" hexies are really making progress.
And for a small trip back to the beginnings of my quilting in the early/ mid 1990's - this is one of my very first quilts from the book that started it all - Country Threads. I found it all folded up while sorting out the linen closet. You can hardly tell that there is a row of houses in the middle and then look at that weird night sky! It was originally an American flag inserted there but being Canadian I thought a night sky would work well!
I think I have made almost every quilt in this book.
Look at these old calicos! And my little red plaid hearth!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Dealing with my grief the last few months has made me think about all the parts of my life including my quilting and my blog. There was a short time that I wasn't sure I was going to keep posting on my blog, but I am. I enjoy sharing what I've been doing almost as much as I enjoy reading other peoples' blogs. So in the near future I am going to update it's appearance (it has been too long and really needs a face lift), start adding a few tutorials (I have a couple ideas) and more I hope!
Happy Quilting!