Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Big Move!

A year after getting married and moving in I am finally moving into my sewing room!
I will never, ever take for granted again such a wonderful privilege!
So during the moving into my room process I thought I should clean up all those things that need cleaning. First thing I picked up was my ruler holder. The dust was thick in the slots. All of a sudden I had a that I couldn't believe I had never thought of before- compressed air!
Works like a charm! My ruler holder is happy and dust free!
The rest of the room is slowly getting more organized but the walls are bare. I had a couple of small UFO's that  I have not been sure how to finish so I decided to frame them and hang them on my walls. After a quick trip to Michaels to buy some square frames, I managed to get these two sashiko panels done.
In the process of getting this little UFO framed, I had to wash out some markings and discovered the black fabric RAN! Ouch! The whole beige border had black dye 'smudges'!
This was not made from my own fabric so I didn't realize it was not prewashed!
Synthrapol to the rescue. A quick wash in the sink with hot water and the black is gone!
It worked like a charm!
Not a perfect framing job but it will do. I'll call it "rustic"!
I am going to enjoy decorating my sewing space!
My next project will be a design wall!
Happy Stitching!

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  1. Nice idea to frame those small pieces. I would not have anywhere to hang them in the sewing room but maybe elsewhere in the house. A trip to Michaels for a square frame some time soon.