Monday, May 18, 2015

Am I an old dog?

Can an old dog learn a new trick?
Not this time it would seem...
My preferred way to applique is to put freezer paper on the back and baste the edges down with thread. I don't like glue (too...well gluey!). I have tried the starch and iron method but I like my fabric soft on the edge when sewing it down (I am very tactile).
I have been on a quest to get better at needle-turn applique. I have done needle-turn before but I always go back to freezer paper. Quite a while ago I watched the video for doing needle-turn the Piece of Cake way. I have been procrastinating (not like me) on sewing block #1but it is finally done!
 It is not a bad effort but I am not as satisfied with my result as I want to be. The whole time I was wishing I was using my regular method. I love that with freezer paper I can lay it out and it is exactly how it will look when sewn. I love that I don't have to wrestle the seam allowance and I love that with freezer paper I can easily cut the back out under the applique and I end up with less layers to quilt through.
One thing I will start doing though is to make a vinyl overlay. It makes life so much easier when laying out the pieces. I LOVED that idea.
Now I can get started on block #2 but it is going to be the "Ann" way!
Happy Stitching!


  1. I watched the Piece 'O Cake applique videos quite a while back. I think I will watch again. I remember that I was quite impressed with the presentation.

  2. I learned needleturn applique from watching Jan Patek videos on YouTube... I also tried that starch method and really disliked the sharp edges it created on the folds... I may try your freezer/paper, basting method next since you raised a great point on having less layers to quilt through. Next to watch the Piece o cake method... and I also just purchased the Kim Diehl book on applique... so, a big round of applause for all of us that at least try every method before we (very educatedly) settle into a comfort zone! :-)